Sunday, 18 April 2010

A trip to Basel, Switzerland..

It is nearly 6 months ago since our trip to France, and we were very lucky to go to Germany and Switzerland as we were staying right next to both countries.

On our last day there, before our evening flight, we drove to Basel for a look around. We had a lovely sunny day, which was good as it was late November.

The Spalentor ( Spalen Gate)

An interesting ferry trip across the river.

The Ferries are hydraulic driven, requiring no other energy source. There are 4 ferries each situated about midway between two bridges. Each ferry is attached by a cable to a block that rides along another cable spanning the river at a height of 20 or 30 metres. To cross the river , the ferryman orients the the boat around 45 degrees from the current so that the current pushes the boat across the river.

The Rathaus (City Hall)

A wonderful tram!

A great end to our trip!


  1. What interesting and beautiful place!
    I love the way you put your images together.

    I drove through Switzerland recently, but decided to take the mountain roads and therefore did not see Basel.

    So glad to hear that Spring has finally arrived at your doorsteps!

  2. Hi Merisi.. You will have to call in there one day. Lots of lovely little shops too.

    We drove over the mountains too, on our way to Interlaken.. Amazing.

  3. Lovely city. Maybe I'll make it there someday. I thought I had visited it many years ago but don't recognize anything in the photos so I guess not.

  4. Hi Linda.. thanks. Yes a lovely city, and great to walk round. You would of definitely have seen the Rathaus in the Market square! You will have to put the city on your list :-)

  5. Its nice to have friends in interesting places. My kids bus will go through Basel on their epic journey from Naples to London. But they'll be too hackered to enjoy the scenery.

  6. Ciao Anne! I love Switzerland...I have been there in December. I love all the little characteristics markets and the coloured houses. Thanks for sharing these photos! You just took my mind to those days :-) Have a great Monday!

  7. Brilliant! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing your wonderful photos :)

  8. I love the painted tram, can you imagine why that would be?

  9. Hi Scintilla, I am sure that your kids will be to tired to look at the views or be interested.. a lovely place to go through though.]]

    Hi Anna, we did see the Christmas markets and the wonderfully decorated shops. I jsut love the coloured little houses too! Pleased I brought back happy memories. :-)

    Hi Carolyn thank you for you lovely comment, try to please my friends :-)

    Hi Linda.. I love the little tram, but I am tyring to imgine why for you .. you must let me know.

  10. Sorry Anne, expecting you to know was rather silly! It reminded me of HK and all those brilliantly painted trams they have there.

  11. I love visiting Basel. I am so happy you had such a nice time. Your photos are beautiful!

  12. THank you for the looksee and isn't it grand to make the most of a visit. I checked out Virginia's blog from your last post and love it. I always appreciate blog recommendations. Take care Anne.

  13. I've been to Switzerland but not to Basel. I'll have to go sometime. The city hall is so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Superb photos,as always, Anne. I love that tram! I'm sure you could make money from your photography skills, you know. Have you ever thought of making calendars? You could advertise them on your blog and I'm sure all your blogging friends would do do on theirs!

  15. Basel is lovely. We always go through Basel on our way from Italy to Germany. It's a perfect stopping point.

    Switzerland is a wonderful country - very international and friendly people. :)


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