Sunday, 11 April 2010

Bonjour à tous mes amis à Paris...

Fountain Centre Georges Pompidou

Aujourd'hui, un hommage a la ville que j'adore et tous mes chers amis!

I was very kindly allowed to use this photo taken by Virginia who lives in Alabama.. but absolutely adores Paris and all things French! Virginia has a wonderful website .. Paris through my lens. Fantastic photos daily. She also follows some great blogs.. either from Paris or France. here are two of them, which I also follow Peter in Paris and Daily photo Paris by Laurent .

Virginia says she fell in love with Paris in March 2007.. It was as the French say "le coup de foudre".. .. you will have to take a look at her blog to read the rest!


  1. Moi aussi, j'adore la Paris! But I'd love to get to know the vrai Paris - not the touristy Paris! Someday...*sigh*

  2. Hello right back to you... See you soon, Anne!!


  3. Hi there Anne,

    Followed the link after you visited and commented on my blog. Oxfordshire is somewhere I do actually get to visit occassionally as I am a part owner of a business in the UK and I usually hang out in the Cotswolds while I am over there. I got a surprise when I saw your blog banner .. I wear a silver necklace every day that says "Live, Love, Laugh". Great to meet you. Have added your blog to my favourites.

    Lisa in Australia

  4. lovely photo! thanks for the link Anne!

  5. Every time I read something about Paris I have to think about my first visit.

    At the time my husband and I were living in Armenia and one January we were making our way back there from the US and missed our transfer connection in Paris. We were stuck! Stuck for 2 whole days because Yerevan, Armenia is not what you'd call a metropolis and major destination. No flights until 2 days later.

    Although I grew up in Holland, and we'd both lived and traveled all over the globe, we'd never seen more of Paris that the airport. So Fate decided enough was enough, and here we were, stuck in Paris.

    Well, what better place! We had a wonderful time, in January no less, and of course booked another visit immediately and came back that same spring.

  6. I want to go to Paris now! I haven't been for many years.

  7. What a lovely picture - it can only make the ghastly Pompidou look better. As you can tell I'm not a fan of it at all.

    Thanks for popping by

  8. Sincere thanks for the link to my blog ... and hope to see you around soon!

  9. ha oui: les sculptures de Nikki de Saint Phalle. I love Paris too!

  10. I didn't know any of the sites so thanks for the links.

  11. I'm in love with Paris too! Thanks for this nice little virtual trip!
    Happy day!

  12. What a lovely blog you have...thank you so much for visiting me! You asked me about my blog banner...yes those are my photographs..thanks for the sweet comments. xoxo

  13. Just me I don't sell those postcards because they are not really postcards just my photographs made to look like day I will make cards from my photos...but if you send me your address I will send you a postcard from Canada! email me at

  14. I wish I was REALLY in PAris snapping photos... le sigh!

  15. Merci mon amie! I am flattered that you featured not only my photo but gave your wonderful readers my blog link as well as Peter and Laurent's, two blogs I faithfully follow as well.

  16. Thank you very much for talking about my blog. I appreciate it !


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