Thursday 26 September 2019

Finally I might be back to blogging .......

As you know , I haven't been blogging for a long time. 
My last blog post was in 2018 !!!
This was because my laptop died ..Not completely but 
enough so I couldn't do much at all. 

Well today I bought myself a little HP Notebook , second hand. 
Got home at 17.30 and thought I would just try it out.

Thought I would do a Cheery Flowery post. 
Hope you like them .. 
taken as I walked beside an
allotment . 

If any of my Blogger friends see this , hopefully you will 
leave a comment for me . Once i get used to it 
I will be back on here. Will have also  to change my name , that is sad ,
not sure what name I will use next,  I will have a good think. 

Monday 10 September 2018

The Big change....

Is about to happen . Friday 14th September  providing all goes well . Only waiting since 1st week of July. 

I know I have been very inactive 
on my blog.,various reasons 

One main reason is that my laptop is playing up  so it has been very difficult to blog, the other reason is lots
 going on in life. 

I have now left my job and left Oxford, feeling very sad and my friend Linda is very upset that I am moving  

I am apprehensive but I will do my upmost to make it a super new adventure  with lots to see and photograph.. 

Big thank you to all of you  for your HUGE support over the last few years, helping me through all the turmoil. 
Means such a lot to me , to know that you were and still are there for me.

Hugs and love 



Very difficult to blog on the phone , I think I have to buy a new laptop now.  Hope I get it right. Difficult when you have to decide on your own  Not used to this. X 

Thursday 10 May 2018

BIG Changes happening in my Life..

Many of you who have known me a while, 
Know that I have had many changes and major knock backs in the last few years  

It has been TOUGH. 

I really didn't think I would
 get through it all.

Thanks to everyone who helped me. 

Splitting up with my husband, battling in courts, selling my home,
 recovering from the second bout of severe depression,  surviving major changes.. 

Getting back to work was a huge help . 
I didn't really think I could do it, but I did. 
It has helped me as it took my mind off things (to a certain degree)  
The night times are the worst . 
I still struggle at night . And even though it is nearly 3 years since he left . It is only 9 months since our divorce . 
Big life changers  

Well I am about to have another HUGE change..

Will keep you all posted..

Hugs to you all .

Thursday 5 April 2018

What is there not too love ♥--- Qrendi in Malta

I went to visit my cousins in Malta last year and had no idea where they actually lived and only had I seen and chatted to them on Skype once. ♥

I was amazed by this village. They call it a village but it was like a small town to me.

So full of charm and architecture.

I was out with my camera from day one!!

Malta celebrates all the time and with fireworks.
On the sign you can see that there are 3 Firework factories nearby but Malta has 34 and 1 in Gozo!!! They DO NOT sell to the public. (Well done) .

The displays are amazing , not normally a lover of fireworks at all , but I really enjoyed the shows they put on , with music too.

As you can imagine, my camera was all over the
place , didn't know what to look at first.

It is a wonderful place with lots to see.

I thought this was funny , naming a house "COLIN" but it could be after someone special.

Love all the signs around the village , and in and on the walls .

Statues everywhere!!

Beautiful tree lined roads leading into the village.

This is the church that stand right in the middle of the village and it is huge. ♥


 Lots of statues were put in place just for the Saints festival, they celebrate all week and right into the night.

Fireworks start in the morning , and the band plays in the
afternoon and evening.

You can call in to the bar for a drink too ♥