Monday 15 July 2013

Two lovely postcards from The Netherlands , thanks to Instagram and Davina .

I have not been on
for long, and
what you can find are lovely photos!
Whilst doing a search one day ,
I came across a lady named
Davina  who
She also likes to swap postcards ,,
When I got home  there on the table
was a postcard from The Netherlands, not your usual
scene , but this delightful shop ♥


It seems that Les Sabots are the all wooden clog, whilst the
Galoches are a wooden sole and heel and Leather uppers..
If  you would like to know more about the Clog click on the link!
Then today I found another card, which was the first one
she sent ...
from a place in The Netherlands that I have never heard of .. Fryslan.
Leeuwarden, is the capital of Fryslan ",  tens of thousands of visitors a year head  to the north western Dutch province of Fryslan, a culturally distinct corner of the Netherlands. Visitors have placed the city on a touristic pedestal: Leeuwarden has been crowned the best Dutch city with a population under 100,000, and one of the 15 best cities in Europe.
A big thank you to Davina for these wonderful cards .
Yes Davina  did get one from Paris and she loved it!


  1. Hi there! Been enjoying some of your wonderful photos of Oxford and love the way you keep picking up and finding new friends from all over the world. I will look you up next time I'm back in the UK and somewhere near Oxford - I think you will be the perfect guide, especially to that sweet shop!

    1. Hi Annie , nice to meet you ,, I love showing people around Oxford, have lunch , coffee, wine ,, etc ,, so if possible and you and I are free at the same time,, would be great ,, thanks for that , Anne x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Pat, first cards from the Netherlands .. How are you? doing well I hope ,, we , as you know are going though a heat wave,, we just don't know what it is like everyday ,, and with no shutters etc it is a nightmare ,, there is absolutely no breeze tonight :-( take care love Anne

  3. Hi Anne that first card is from Diane (me) and not Davina in the Netherlands. It must have a French postmark!! x0x


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