Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Calendrier Fevrier 2015 ...Angouleme Street Art

Memoires du XXe Ciel by Yslaire
(Quote taken from the website)
"In 1986, after having met the scenarist Balac, he created Sambre, a 19th-century saga, about an impossible love story between Bernard Sambre, a rich young man, and Julie, a farmer girl, during the 1848 revolution in France. This series was original because the graphical style used in these albums is different from the one Hislaire used before, and because the number of colours used is very restricted and centered on red"
LOVE the Angel ...!!
The artist is Bernard Hislaire , he was
 born in 1957 in Brussels, Belgium.
His psudonyms are Sylaire and Yslarie .
His work of  Comics and Art seems based on the Theme -
 Angels and Eva Stern.
I would love to go  back and do the walk around the city and if I got the chance
I could coincide it with the Circuit des Remparts  (cars )
The first Circuit des Remparts race in  took place in 1939


  1. We like Angouleme. When the children were younger we would go with our caravan to a campsite near Angouleme at a village called Bignac. We went for about five years staying for about five weeks each summer - an advantage of working in education!

    You certainly seemed to have a wonderful time with Diane and Nigel.

    1. Hello Gaynor , How wonderful that you went with your children and such a lovely long time too!! I love this city.
      I had a fantastic time with Diane and Nigel , they took me to places I would never of seen.

  2. This was fascinating as Angouleme is somewhere I would like to visit hopefully one day!

  3. Love the painting! You really should take me to France and all the little places you've been! I'm saving up!

  4. Wow, that's an amazing piece! I have never seen that style in murals, it's stunning.

  5. the simple colour scheme is very effective here,

  6. We have four people from S.Africa coming to stay this year for the Circuit des Remparts, it going to be a busy few days. Angouleme also has a museum of comic strip art and cartoons. We have not been there and it is not that cheap so I hear!!! Keep well Diane x


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