Wednesday, 21 January 2009

There are times...

when things are hard, and you cannot motivate yourself. Family can wear you down, when things are going wrong for them, and you need to be there for them, especially if you are their mum! And especially if you are the Nan..

We all have to let go of our children, but when things are like this, you never stop worrying, about the Hows, Why's and what is happening or going to happen.

I am finding that blogging isn't coming easily, and so might have to take a break from posting for a while. I won't stop reading my favourite blogs though!! Love reading them ...cheers me up.

I will back soon..take care.


  1. Hi Anne,

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time but certainly understand, and most important is to do whatever you think best.

    We will miss your posts! But take your time and just know all your blogger buddies are sending lots of positive thoughts and good energy your way.

    Take care and all good wishes xxoo from Sydney

  2. Hi Anne!

    Please know that I'm sharing MUCH "good energy" and a HUG with you!

    Take as much time as you need, dear lady...we'll always be here!

    Take care...


  3. Sorry to hear that, but life is that way sometimes. The most important thing is your family and health so I hope all turn out well in the end. Keep courage!

  4. You can never stop being a Mum, can you...
    Of course you need to put your priority there. Take care and all the best wishes for you. We can wait!

  5. Take care. We'll be here when you get back.

  6. Hang in there Anne! We'll be waiting for you, with your kind and generous heart, to return.
    Hope you get a restorative break and that things get easier soon.

  7. Take your time and be well everyone deserves a rest from time to time or to do things that they must attend to. XO

  8. Sorry you're feeling so low Anne. Family commitments can indeed sometime grind you down, Cèst la vie'.
    I do hope you get back to your blog as soon as you're able to.
    I have some family news on my site which you may enjoy reading...

    Take care, thinking about you.


  9. Hi Anne,
    Your posts will be missed :(
    Hurry back to blogging as soon as you are able :)

  10. Take your time Anne and see you soon!

  11. I understand what you mean and you take as long as you and your family need.

    I wish you all well during this time.

  12. I hope everything will sort itself out soon.

    Take care xx

  13. Hi Anne,

    I too am sorry to hear that you having a hard time... Hang in there and if you are in need of someone, I'm here... You know that! : )

    I echo what everyone says above me! And I'm sending you an invisible yummy French pastry... One that I saw in the patisserie in Paris today... Also sending you lots of virutual hugs and positive, healing energy....
    Take as much time as you need, we'll all be here.... I know that after just having come off of a very emotional event a few weeks ago, I needed some time off of blogging myself...
    Take care and HUGS to you!

  14. THinking of you, lovely. Take care of yourself too.

  15. Take care Anna. Some times it is time to smell the roses and it seems like that's what you shall do right now :-)

  16. Oh my goodness, I understand. As Scintilla says, we can wait. (Thanks for your support on my "wobble" Anne.)

  17. Hne,
    Geez; if anyone would understand, it is me. I'm under lots of pressure by the family to be present and help out. So, been there,done that and (still) doing that.
    You can stop by anytime to destress and chat.

    Take care of yourself,including treating yourself, too !

    Hugs XX

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  19. We all have to break from blogging sometimes when real life intervenes. But stay in touch and come back soon, Anne. Love from Sicily x.

  20. Hi Anne,
    I am sorry you are having a difficult time. I hope you find some comfort in focusing on you. I will miss your posts as well. I hope to hear from you soon!

    much love,
    a presto,
    Katie :)

  21. Hope you will soon be back to normal and in blogging spirits. I know family things can get you down. I've been there.

  22. Hello Anne,
    Thinking of you and sending a prayer for you and your loved ones. I will never know what it means to have a child or a grandchild. I do realize their is no stronger bond.
    I do know what it is to be a child. Their is an invisible string that holds us together for life. My mom has cancer. We do the best we can to stay up and not let 'it" rule our lives!!

    Love to you!!

  23. ah, that's were you were. I didn't get the memo. You're right to recharge your batteries. When I feel crummy I tend to write more... and regret it.

  24. I think this winter has been hard on many of us. It has been, well, so damn wintery.

    I don't know if I have commented here much but often see your comments on other blogs.

    Take care and I hope you will be back to the blogging life soon, whenever things start to work out better!

    Here's wishing you the bluest skies...

  25. i completely understand feeling that way...i'm finally getting out of my blogging slup.

    my encouragement all around...take as much time as you need :)

  26. Hi Anne, I just found you at Pinklea and now you're not even here. Oh well, I'll check back when you feel like blogging again.

  27. was sure i had left a comment here before :-( its the time of year all doom and gloom after ....things will soon look up with spring on its way then we shall all be happly skipping away :-) must catch you on msn soon but as you know i have had internet problems lol love to you as always x x x x

  28. Hope everything works out. Thoughts are with you my friend!

  29. I hope all is well for you and your family Anne. Family first, always!
    Big hug to you!


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