Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Postcard to cheer you up on an Autumn day .....

My dear friend Di (aka Trubes) and her husband Ian

Alpes Maritimes.

A beautiful area of France ..and they
had a wonderful time. ... Who wouldn't??

(you can click on the map to zoom in or out) and see
more of the area.

As I look out of the window on a dull grey day ...

I know where I would love to be !!

In the Sun .... If not in France ... anywhere to be warm.

BIG BIG  Thank you Diane .. .. ♥♥


  1. Nice!!! I love postcards too!

  2. I've been to Cagnes sur Mer and it really is that beautiful. What a great postcard and thanks for sharing, Anne!

  3. Thanks for the spot of cheer on a grey day in NJ too. I visited Cagnes years ago, but stayed in the upper section - absolutely gorgeous there too.

  4. Your PC collection must be huge now. Hope all well. Diane

  5. Lovely gesture and fab color :)

    We would have both deserved a few days away under the sun.
    I just have to carry on for now...

    Big hugs.

  6. We did have a wonderful time Anne...I just can't resist sending you a PC, wherever I am, as soon as I see a PC, I think of you, indeed, why not? We all have blogging friends, we have yet to meet...such an intrigue...and such fun..I hope you are well, re the Di..xx

  7. Another lovely postcard for the collection Anne.

  8. Wow. That blue is startling. I've had plenty of warm this summer. I want the blue and the lapping water and the sound of people speaking French around me.

  9. Come here :) You'll love the beaches and the food, and multi-cultural. I look at everyone's blog and seeing the season changes and all I want is to experience all the 4 seasons. I guess that's what happen when we have too much sun's beaming some sunshine to you :) Lovely postcard and I'd love to go to there anytime.


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