Monday, 19 September 2011

Hopital Saint Louis - Paris ....

There is a lot of history behind this hospital ..
please read the link above... so much info.

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Starting with the fact that  68 000 died in Paris from one plague of 1562,
and one hospital was not enough.. that was  Hôtel-Dieu.

These gates lead to a lovely enclosed  garden , where
it is open to the public .. children can play,
you can picnic  or just sit. 

Karin taking her photos!!

Karin taking close ups of the pictures drawn on the path ....

The Maltese Cross.. which I was so surprised to see, especially as this is where
my father was born, I felt a special connection.

I have just had another surprise after googling the cross..It is
also known as the Amalfi cross!

The Order of Knighthood of Malta erected a  pavilion for the baths
and one consecrated to the treatment of the leprosy

Walking in Paris with a friend who lives there .. takes you beyond the tourist spots!!
Always a surprise beyond the beaten track.


  1. Love those gates to the enclosed garden.

  2. What a beautiful building and so great that it is obviously still in use today. Lovely photos. Diane xx

  3. Definitely a better place to visit as a tourist than a guest!

  4. What a lovely spot, I love the garden, it looks so peaceful.

    I've tagged you in a post on my blog, come by to take a look and take part if you like x x

  5. So true--having a local friend helps you peel the layers of the onion to find some of the places and stories that are not on the typical tourist's list.

  6. Very enjoyable post, I do love photos mixed in with a bit of history. You probably know this but I was surprised to learn when I worked at Centre Point by Tottenham Court Road tube that it is built on the site of a gallows. That was a bit creepy when I was tucking into my sandwiches on a break!

    Didn't know your dad was born in Malta, I can understand how seeing that symbol out of context would really have sparked off some memoires for you. Lovely post.

  7. A very interesting post. Thank you, Anne.

  8. What an interesting story. I can't imagine we have hospitals going back so long ago.

  9. Hi Anne,

    That is a very interesting spot!
    Oh, the word "hospital" is not our fav word right now( for you, too).
    But, I do love History.

    I will have to go see the garden. A Maltese cross; bless your Dad. I had never known him, of course, but I know how important roots are.

    Thank you for the lovely pics and the interesting walk.


  10. Fascinating post Anne, I really enjoyed it.

  11. I have been to this garden too, a friend of mine used to live nearby. I'd love to go back sometime. Thanks for the photos.

  12. The history of every place in France amazes me. Truthfully, I think I'd be a little nervous staying in a hospital where plague victims died, like there might be plague germs waiting for me.

  13. oh wow! I really really really want to go there right now!!

    Great shots Anne!


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