Monday, 26 September 2011

Another lunch date in Paris ...!!

Update - Mystery cafe is ..

It's called La Consigne , 71 bd du Montparnasse.

 This time it is Brigitte (   Karin could not make it..:-(    ) ... Barbara, Jennifer, me and Dawn ..

We were in a Montparnasse Cafe/Brasserie  .......
sorry not sure of the name .. but whatever
it is , doesn't matter , because it was brilliant ..
What I can tell you that it
is ACROSS the road from Starbucks!! 

We all met at Starbucks (the easiest) at around 11.30  
and then went for coffee, which turned into
lunch ..... and we left our seats (same cafe) at just after 3pm!!!!!

Brigitte, Jennifer and Barbara had to catch up with other things ..
so Dawn and I walked to St Michel ... Window shopping on the way,
and we rounded our day off with .......

An excellent day with wonderful company ....
we had such a laugh as usual..



  1. Lunch should always finish around 15h30 LOL. What a great way to spend a day. Diane xx

  2. Love that you got a carafe of wine each! :)

  3. I just love going out to lunch with friends, enjoying good company, good food and a nice glass of wine! And you can't get a better place to do it than Paris. Lovely photos.

  4. That looks lovely, it's nice to meet up with friends like that. Great photos :-)

  5. Although I enjoy your photos of architecture, I love these photos even more. Plus, the back drop of the city in action is so much fun.

  6. What a wonderful day Anne - How I would loved to have been there and looks like the weather was kind to you - just perfect!

  7. hello Anne! Now y'all look like quite the fun group. and a lunch from 11:30-3pm truly tells me you had a good time. Was this recently or these photos from this past spring. You look so good. How is your healing coming along? do take care...thank youfor the lunch in Paris;)

  8. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the memories.
    That was a brilliant afternoon. I will remember our "happening" a long time.


  9. it must have been a wonderful day!

  10. Oh, the joy of coffee, wine, good food with friends, not to mention Paris!

  11. Hmmm, I wonder where Karin went to this time!

  12. Oh to be in Paris, now that Autumn's here. Lovely pics again. You seem to have made some lovely friends there, I'm sure it won't be long before you can go back Anne...BTW I've just put an update on my blog...apolo's if you've already seen it! Must catch up on FB,xx


  13. Me again as I was unable to reply directly to your last comment as you have changed to no reply. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my "Notte Bianca a Marta" post it was a fun evening, we are lucky to be able to experience such events.

  14. Hi Anne,
    Just went back to that same café today! I had lunch with Brigitte and Barbara there. It's called La Consigne and the address is 71 bd du Montparnasse.

  15. Lunch dates with friends in Paris--how perfect! Lucky you!

  16. You have so many blogger friends near Paris. Would have been great fun!

  17. I am very jealous, looks like you had an amazing time and I'm very glad about that!

  18. How wonderful that you have such good friends with whom to meet up.

  19. Another visit to Paris, without meeting me! (Actually, I was away.)


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