Monday, 23 May 2011

Let's go back to Italy ....

Another fabulous city in the area of Fruili ...
is Udine..

Porta Manin, built between 1273 and 1299, is the main gateway into the old core of the town. In the medieval times it was the part of the City Walls, this gate is the only remaining part.

 What lies beyond this gate is just amazing!!

Shame that the above has just been left ,
maybe one day it will be restored
to its former glory.

This is just a snippet ... lots more to show you,
going to take me a while to sort the post out,
so much to remember.

Thank you for ALL your wonderful comments
on the postcards and ceramics .
Makes me happy that you enjoy my posts. ♥


  1. Wow! Lovely photos, I love the magnificent gate :=) beautiful buildings.

  2. This is a new area of Italy for me, I must admit. Lovely photos and I particularly liked the one of the steps with what looks like a painted archway (i.e. it looks as if it has some sort of art painted on it) and the old fashioned lamp. That's the sort of short I like to take if I'm on holiday.

  3. I just love those narrow staircases.
    Great shot! m.

  4. i have never to Italy, it is on my list though. BEautiful pictures of these amazing buildings, anne.
    Sweet dreams for later on o xx o

  5. I always love your posts and this one was no exception. Italy will always hold a special place in my heart so it is great to see photos of it here. Thank you and I hope all is well with you. x

  6. Some of us never left, but enjoying the tour of a different part of Italy that I know very little about.

  7. Love the stonework and the old gate plus arches. Just drinking it all in.

  8. The picture with all the shutters - it's so beautiful and I do hope that somebody will restore it in a sympathetic manner... Lovely photos. Have a good week xo

  9. Anne,

    I just discovered your blog. It is fabulous! A friend of mine recently started his own blog about his time in Italy. He have me a manuscript of his three month stay in Florence, Italy. I suggested that he put it on a blog. He did and it is wonderful. I sent him a link to your blog. I'll try to send you a link to his blog.

  10. Hi Anne,

    You said it; I do appreciate and enjoy your posts. Hey, you are taking me on some lovely virtual travels!!

    I loved this town with the narrow streets and lovely gate. It is an inventation to wander and discover :)

    Ciao xo

  11. I can feel the history in these pics Anne! You have captured the aged colours beautifully!

  12. It really looks like a different world. It's like a holiday reading your post! Thanks so much and looking forward to more,

  13. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing the photos, an insight to what you're doing/visiting. I love old buildings!!!

  14. Beautiful. I have yet to visit Italy, I feel I ought to go one day as my grandfather was Italian. xx

  15. Great post Anne, your photos are fantastic. I know the feeling trying to sort out photos......... Take care. Diane

  16. Wow what a great find. Italy is one of the few places left to visit on my bucket list. Your photo's are beautiful.
    I am visiting via thisisme to congratulate you on your award...

  17. Hi Anne! Wow... what a great post about Italy! One of my favorite programs is "House Hunters International" They are in Italy often. Many people buy homes and places that need restoring. It never ceases to amaze me what they will buy and how much they can renovate a property to be so beautiful!

    There are so many beautiful places in Italy ~ the landscapes alone are not to be missed!
    Blessings to you always, Have a Happy Sunday*

  18. Udine, Trieste, Gorizia, Cormons...we really need to go back for another visit because as you now know, this is another part of Italy that has its own particular beauty!

  19. You are right it is a very nice city. I was in Udine 3 years ago and i was impressed, a beautiful city. I will go to visit it again very soon i hope.

  20. I wonder whats inside that big shuttered building? What a waste of a place!
    One day I hope you'll come down further south and visit here!

  21. Oh, lovely! Have never been to Udine, can't wait to see the rest of the photos!


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