Saturday, 21 May 2011

Postcard surprise!!!

Out of the blue
I received a postcard
today ..... from

I have never been there .. but it does
seem to have a lot going on,
and with many many shops too.

If you are a fan ( I know there are a few
of you out there) .. of the Beatles
you would have to go the
Beatles shop ... !!!

My dear friend Di
A.K.A Trubes,
said she hadn't seen
any postcard posts on
the blog recently ... and everytime
she sees postcards she thinks of me ...
Love it!!! ♥♥

I also received one
from my great friend Leesa ..
who never stops travelling ..
or at least it feels that way LOL ..

Leesa went to Rouen the other week to
see a concert .. and she loved the town,
and I will be going to see it soon too!! ♥♥



  1. How lovely that your bloggy friends send you postcards like that, and YES, I was a huge fan of the Beatles back in the 60's. I actually went to see them in person when they came to Plymouth. Wonderful!

  2. Funny I always think of you when I see postcards as well now. :)

  3. Lovely cards, I would love to go to the Beatle shop, what fun. Diane

  4. Bonjour Anne,
    I think of you too when I see postcards, I think it is great what you've started. Never been to Liverpool either. I do want to explore England more!
    Hope all is well with you.

  5. Rouen, I met you years ago, and it's time to revisit your pretty town. Liverpool, you are a new friend whom I met just last fall. Anne, hope you get to visit both of these places, but until then, aren't the postcards a fun introduction and inspiration of days to come?

  6. Surprises in the mail are the best surprises!
    Have a sweet Sunday, Anne o xx o

  7. Hi Anne, Thanks for publishing my postcard,I wouldn't be going down to The Pierhead today, where The Albert Dock is, we have 70mph winds blowing in of the Irish sea...Brrrh..
    I'm sure , the last time you published a PC from me, Leesa had also, one published..We must have a 'Carte'Patic', link Carte, being French for Postcard, I think! In case any of your readers wonder what the crazy lady from Liverpool is talking about ! Ha ha!
    Have a good Sunday, we're not doing much as the weather is so horrid, guess I'll just go and roast a chicken, with all the trimmings.

    love Di.xxxx

  8. I mean't to say that I've been to Rouen, it's one of the most stunning medaeval towns I've visited in France, athough there's so many. You should visit there, next time you go to Paris Anne. I know it's about a two hour drive, or maybe less, from Paris, so it wouldn't take long by train. There is also a magnificent Cathedral and if I recall, the river Seine flows through it too, or was thar Caen? I'm sure Leesa will correct me, if I'm wrong!


  9. Anne, I have two connections to the postcards you received. The first, though tenuous, is the book I'm currently , Keeping Time, which is set in Liverpool. The second is that my daughter will study in Rouen in 2012. She's afraid she won't like it, so I can't wait to see your posts after you visit Rouen.

  10. That's such a great feature and so nice to get postcards from all sorts of places. Now, I've never been to Liverpool and I lean more towards the Stones...the postcard is lovely though ;-) Did you watch the Catalunian GP today? I hope you've had a chilled weekend, Love from London xo

  11. Anne how wonderful to find you! I adore receiving postcards and personal notes..they are so meaningful.

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    You will love it!

  12. I've never been there either but the postcard makes it look fascinating.

  13. Beautiful cards, I have never been there but yes I am a HUGE fan of the Beatles - don't you think Paul McCartney is just getting better with age??

  14. I've travelled through Rouen lots of times on my way south, but never stopped to see the city. By all accounts it's worth a look.

    One day I'll check out your postcard views......

  15. I drove by Rouen many times en route south and always thought that it looked rather industrial. Then one year we decided to stop overnight there (in the old town) and what a revelation it was. It's a fantastic town with excellent shopping and restaurants. Well worth a visit. We stopped there every year after that.

  16. It's lovely to receive a post card just like that :)
    Have a lovely evening!


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