Thursday, 5 April 2018

What is there not too love ♥--- Qrendi in Malta

I went to visit my cousins in Malta last year and had no idea where they actually lived and only had I seen and chatted to them on Skype once. ♥

I was amazed by this village. They call it a village but it was like a small town to me.

So full of charm and architecture.

I was out with my camera from day one!!

Malta celebrates all the time and with fireworks.
On the sign you can see that there are 3 Firework factories nearby but Malta has 34 and 1 in Gozo!!! They DO NOT sell to the public. (Well done) .

The displays are amazing , not normally a lover of fireworks at all , but I really enjoyed the shows they put on , with music too.

As you can imagine, my camera was all over the
place , didn't know what to look at first.

It is a wonderful place with lots to see.

I thought this was funny , naming a house "COLIN" but it could be after someone special.

Love all the signs around the village , and in and on the walls .

Statues everywhere!!

Beautiful tree lined roads leading into the village.

This is the church that stand right in the middle of the village and it is huge. ♥


 Lots of statues were put in place just for the Saints festival, they celebrate all week and right into the night.

Fireworks start in the morning , and the band plays in the
afternoon and evening.

You can call in to the bar for a drink too ♥



  1. I can see that you really had fun with your camera there and as always looking up, down and straight ahead. It looks a fabulous place. Well done with the photos. Take care Diane xx

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  3. Hi Anne. Good to see a Post from you. It’s been a while! I can see how much you loved this place, and what a wonderful selection of amazing photos. They really gave you a feel for the place. I hope that you will be able to return to 🇲🇹 Malta, perhaps sometime this year. Lovely post x

    1. Hi Diane , thank you for coming over and leaving a fab comment. Yes it has been a while but as we said on FB , work takes over , and with you Grandchildren visiting. But I am happy that I do a post now and again. Thank you for your wonderful comment about my photos, I love that they give you a feel for the place. yes I hope to return. take care xx

  4. 😊😊. As you say, just blog when you want to. It takes the pressure off.

  5. So many interesting details to focus on! Malta is on my Wish list😀


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