Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cormons, Italy and Wine .......

Cormòns has more than two hundred wine growers and is at the extreme north western border of Italy, where the most excellent wine growing and producing areas can be found.

 Cantina Produttori Cormòns, is  a large national
wine growing company , with more than 400 hectares ..
of vines in 5 of the most valued Doc areas in Friuli Venezia Giula region.

On the premises there is a shop "Ougna del Mondo".. where
you can buy all the products that they offer in their
cataglogue ,  along with tasty Italian gourmet specialities.. !!

10 litres in these boxes !!
Or  you could go to Il Cantiniere and
enjoy the wines with some of their delicious
prosciuto , speck, salami or cheeses.
They also do fantastic meals too!!
Sorry only got a photo of the dessert!!


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  2. Hi Anne! I love that shop! I bet the wine is pretty tasty too. Hope the weather is good for you up there in Oxfordshire. It's still very windy down here, but at least we haven't had any rain so far today. I'm just about to put a roast chicken in the oven for dinner this evening! Hope you are okay dear friend.

  3. That looks wonderful - love all your photos! I remember having a tour at an Italian winery in the Tuscany district. Olive orchard outside, too. Some of the girls had some wine and olive oil shipped home.

  4. You're a wine blogger! :-) I bet you'll find the wines will taste even better when you get home now that you know the magic of the places where they were raised... great post!

  5. All the giant wine bottles look kind of kitschy, like an Italian Gatlinburg (That's in Tennessee, the Smoky Mountains filled with every commerical stunt available). Hope the wine was tasty. The dessert looked scrumptious.

  6. mmmmm.....
    i <3 wine

  7. I like this type of cakes -with friuts and gelly:)

  8. Hi Anne,
    This looks very fun :)Is it possible to take a tour of the production area? Some vinyards let visitors tour the premices and "tatste test".

    You dessert looked yummy :))

  9. What wonders...having never been to Italy, I truly appreciate seeing these delights through your eyes. Thank you for thinking of us even as you feast...I too have had a few wonderful meals that I wanted to photo capture and share yet chickened out when taking a pic because of the looks I would is the plight of the true blogger.

  10. Wow that dessert looks good. I always eat everything before I can take a photo!


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