Monday, 9 May 2011

Little pressie for me ♥

When my husband travels (which is always) he will ask if
I would like anything from the duty free shop..
and to be very honest, I don't always say yes.
But before he left on his trip to Turkey,
in my new magazine I spotted a new
Kenzo perfume .. loved the name ..

Love the picture on the box , memories of Sicily..

It has a beautiful scent too!!

Thank you Hubby ♥


  1. REALLY...that's terrific! I'm gonna have to go Sephora and check it out!

  2. How lovely, sometimes it is nice to have a husband who travels. It looks VERY CHIC!!

  3. That is a lovely gift. m.

  4. Hope I get a chance to to smell this perfume sometime :-) Diane

  5. Gorgeous box and bottle! Good for you - ask for something every time he asks. ;)

  6. how lovely :-) Shame i hardly wear perfume anymore as so many give me migraines . Even if i stand or sit next to someone wearing perfume it can give me a migraine so perfume is now not something i like :-( :-(

  7. I've never heard of that perfume, but what an unusual name. I think I will have to look out for it though. I absolutely love Sicily and went there a couple of years ago. The box is beautiful too.

  8. Lucky you, what a thoughtful husband :)

  9. I love the name of the perfume. So strange. But how did you get lucky enough that you actually like the perfume too?

  10. I used to buy Lancome travelling series - they also were supposed to smell like certain places.
    How does this one smell with?

  11. Sounds intriguing--I'd love to get a whiff. Presents from hubbies who travel are a real serendipity, and it never hurts to give them big fat hints!


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