Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cividale del Fruili - Italy ........

The town sits on the banks of the Natisone river,

Cividale del Fruili was founded by Julius Caesar in the 1st century BC,
it later became the first and most important
Lombard duchy formed in Italy after the 6th century
Germanic invasion of Italy.

The houses above over look the river .. and if you look
at the river link you can see they have used the same picture!

Cividale has a bridge known as
the Devils Bridge ...a symbol of the town and
with a legend.

Looking down on to the river and this beautiful balcony.

A small glimpse of this enchanting town.


  1. Anne! We were just there! One of my favorite places on earth! The Consortium office where we tasted and met every day is across the street from the statue of Julius Caesar and I used to get coffee almost every day in the bar directly behind the statue! I'm so envious! :-)

  2. Jeremy!! I cannot believe that is exactly where you were .. :-) it is a very small world .. We had a lovely time there .. short but sweet as I went to other places that day too. !!

  3. Anne, you sure do take some beautiful photos.
    I was transported back in time.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Well, I haven't been there but I wish I WAS there! Looks so lovely, I miss Italy. Enjoy, enjoy!

  5. I love the small narrow windy streets. So different to the big wide flat roads here in Australia!

  6. Anne it is so beautiful there. Your photos are excellent. Looking forward to seeing more photos of Italy. Hope all Ok over there. Take care Diane x

  7. I like such places-peaceful and historical. Thanks for the virtual trip!

  8. The arches were my favorites. The double arches on the balcony and the double arch at the top of the tower. Fascinating.

  9. It looks a lovely place to wander about in. I particularly like the statue.

  10. Anne it must be taking you so much time to do all the research for these posts, so wanted to comment and let you know that your efforts are appreciated.

  11. That bridge reminds me of the one in Ronda (Southern Spain) and your photos make me want to pack my bags and go there right now. It looks wonderful. Thank you for your lovely comment, I hope you're well and enjoying all that lovely weather we're having (can you believe it?). Love from London xo

  12. gorgeous photos and that balcony was beautiful! Hope you are okay. Are you on your own again now? :(

  13. Hi Everyone .. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments .. If I could write a bit more I would .. but thank you , so wonderful to know that what I do is very much appreciated, I am so happy that you are enjoying the tour.. there is more to come :-)

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  15. Beautiful!
    It is so quiet; except for one car going by, totally deserted!
    That water is so clear and beautiful.
    Everything looks enchanted perched up upon those cliffs. Belissima :)

  16. Enchanting it is. Love the location and having an overlooking view is so refreshing.

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