Friday, 9 April 2010

I’m back and more surprise postcards !

It is has been a hectic few weeks, especially over Easter and then with school holidays. I have just had two of my grandchildren for a few days.. Aidan age 6 nearly 7 and Thomas just 5.. started off ok, yesterday was the toughest one. And then today, I had the rest of the family.. which makes 3 more children. Thank goodness the weather was the best day yet!

Also  in the last couple of weeks I joined Postcrossing, which is an amazing site. You join and then send out postcards to the address you are given.. (done randomly) you can send 5 at first.. I sent one to Poland which has reached destination , and the other one to Russia which is still travelling  :-( . You can see all this when you are logged in.  Once you have joined, your details are in the system and your name could come up at any time.  You just have to wait for the postman!   I received a random postcard this week from Austria…It wasn’t a scenic postcard but I don’t mind.. so a big thank you to Petra.. A sweet heart card !


I also got another card… this time from Paris!!

My friend great Jennifer sent me a surprise card of

L'Hotel des Invalides et l’eglise du Dome


She saw the card and  thought of me as it was a great reminder of my trip last year, as I was staying very close to here.  Jennifer and I met whilst I was staying over  there on that trip. Jennifer found my blog and  she had left a comment , saying that she lived in Paris and would we like to meet up. We emailed back to each other and we met up. We had a wonderful evening and long chats.   Jennifer did say shall we go for coffee,  but it turned out to be a bit stronger ! Thank you so much Jennifer,, a lovely surprise.  I hope you call over and have read.. it it always good to see different blogs about Paris !

A big Thank you to Jennifer and Petra.


  1. Welcome back, you star grandmother, you -- kudos for all the time spent with the little guys :)

    LOVE the Paris postcard!

    Cheers and hope you're having some nice relaxing days now.

  2. I think it's awesome that you have started collecting postcards from around the world. :D

  3. Welcome back after your Nana duties.

    I think you will find me registered on Postcrossing Anne, if you look, although it is a long time since I was active there :)

  4. Thank you Anne! Glad you received the postcard without problem. Postcrossing sounds very interesting, great idea!

  5. Thanks for stopping by French Kissed for a visit. I am so happy to have discovered your wonderful site. I can see that our love for Paris is a common interest. I go back again in May and it can never be too soon! Wonderful to meet you, Anne.


  6. Wow, you have been busy!! Hopefully, you can now relax and enjoy the sunshine!

  7. oh, my. I love the postcards idea. I would love to send you a postcard Anne...what should I do? I also read Jennifer's blog and very much enjoy it. and should I ever be blessed again to visit sweet Paris I will have to have a visit with her too.


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