Saturday, 22 September 2007

Pyschic Powers

Have you ever thought of an item that you have not thought about for ages, and go to the place where you thought it was, and then discover its not there, you then go into panic mode, and search somemore...well that is what I am doing at the moment.

I thought about a letter my mum sent me years ago..and then wanted to read something else she had sent me...can't find the letter, can;t find my aunties letters she sent to me before she died...can;t find my photo album I made with all my fathers photos in from years and years ago, which I thought was on my bookcase....

It is truly bugging me now...I wish I had pyschic powers to track them down...I have been to the loft this morning...can;t find them.

Update at powers worked!!!! I have found them, in the loft...just not in the place where all my other boxes are...Hoorah.


  1. Yes, it happens to me often and it can be upsetting. I'm glad you found them. The worst is when I lose my glasses and can't see to find them!

  2. I often wake up in the middle of the night sudenly remembering where I have put something which I have been unable to find....( like the cheque for a thousand pounds that i mislaid a while ago :-( )

  3. I've definitely done that--and then I say a little prayer (repeatedly) to Sant'Antonio that my grandmother taught me:

    "Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony please come around; something is lost and it cannot be found."

    It's never failed me even though I'm not exactly a practicing Catholic these days--guess it doesn't matter so much to him ;)

    Glad you had a happy ending!

  4. Hello Sognatrice...thanks for visiting...I have never heard of that one..I'm sure it doesn;t matter..I am not a practicing Catholic these days either, much to my mums dismay.

    WL looking for my glasses annoys me as well...I just put them down all over the place, I don't have to where them all the time, unlike Arni -puts them on when he gets up, takes them off for bed!!!

    Sally you could try the little poem that Sognatrice as told me about...

  5. And do you do that thing where you are convinced something is in a certain place and you keep going back there and checking even though you've looked six times already and it's not there?


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