Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Red Arrows at Silverstone 2005

These are just a few of my photos I took when at the Grand Prix in 2005.

Lets hope that through Ellee's blog and support from the petition we can change the minds of the so called Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Do other governments worry so much as ours..I don't think so. Every country has something they are proud of...and like to show the world. Well we have the Red Arrows so lets get them up in the air...they are awesome no matter how many times I have seen them.

If you click on the photos they do enlarge. Hope you all like them.


  1. What's happening to them? There was a mini air show at Swansea recently and we caught glimpses of the red arrows doing amazing stuff over the bay.

  2. Thanks Lord HM..good photo, didn;t know if I was going to manage it, they are so fast.

    Hi Liz..it is all to do with the Olympics...article about them not flying because too British,..read Ellees Blog more facts there. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Great photos. It would be madness to let them go.

  4. Hi Liz, yes, great pics, and thanks for picking up on this. My MEP went on Radio Cambs as a result of my press release.

    I'm thrilled for Sally and Geoff and love following their news on twitter and Lady M. How will Sally settle down to earth again when she returns?
    Isn't Geoff wonderful? I'm thrilled for Sally.

  5. I was brought up around air shows, Dad being in the RAF. In fact, his last posting was as a Non-Destructive Tester (aka NDT) of the Red Arrows at RAF Kemoble, in the early 1970s. NDT is like radiography for metal. I am no longer fascinated by aircraft in the sky having been behind the scenes as a child!

  6. Hi Shirl Thanks for visiting again. Not all aircraft fascinate me...can;t help it when I see the Red Arrows.

    Hope you are ok...not long til you meet Welshcakes...you lucky thing. x


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