Monday 10 September 2018

The Big change....

Is about to happen . Friday 14th September  providing all goes well . Only waiting since 1st week of July. 

I know I have been very inactive 
on my blog.,various reasons 

One main reason is that my laptop is playing up  so it has been very difficult to blog, the other reason is lots
 going on in life. 

I have now left my job and left Oxford, feeling very sad and my friend Linda is very upset that I am moving  

I am apprehensive but I will do my upmost to make it a super new adventure  with lots to see and photograph.. 

Big thank you to all of you  for your HUGE support over the last few years, helping me through all the turmoil. 
Means such a lot to me , to know that you were and still are there for me.

Hugs and love 



Very difficult to blog on the phone , I think I have to buy a new laptop now.  Hope I get it right. Difficult when you have to decide on your own  Not used to this. X 


  1. It will be a very big adventure, Anne. You have already shown how brave you are and this is just another chance to bloom in new surroundings. Much love to you. x

  2. Hello Liz . Thank you so much for your lovely encouraging message.. I really hope to bloom in my new adventure and surroundings.. Means a lot. Love from Anne xx


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