Thursday 13 April 2017

St Barnabas Church Jericho Oxford.

Went for a walk  in a place 
I know but I have  never walked a few streets back off the main road,  
I did a few weeks back  and this is what I found. 

St Barnabas was built to minister to the spiritual and practical needs of the poor and labouring classes. The parish was formed from that of St Paul, Oxford, in 1869; St Paul's was in turn formed from parts of the parishes of St Thomas and St Giles. The church was founded by Thomas Combe (1796–1872), Superintendent of the Oxford University Press close to the church, and his wife Martha (1806–1893), now commemorated by a blue plaque installed by the Oxfordshire Blue Plaques Board.

They were supporters of the Oxford Movement (or Tractarian movement).
The first Parish Priest was Fr Montague Noel, SSC.

Below we have the 

I would of said tower 
but it is the description on Wikipedia. 

Campanile is Italian, derives from the word Campana 
meaning Bell, is synonymous with bell tower. 

I entered the church at 17:45 and this is how dark it was !
Just me and the vicar in there. Actually didn't know the vicar
was in there until the music started playing!!!!

Didn't stay long. 

You can just spot the Vicar if you look closely ..near the bottom on the left sat
at the organ or piano ..

The church is built with 3 Architectural types
Please click on links to read more info.

A few days later I went back to have a look
in daylight .. this is the day I got kidnapped for the choir..
(those that follow me on Facebook will know)

Surprising what you find when you go out walking into an area
you have not walked before.


  1. It is beautiful in both darkness and light. Love the bell tower. I thought it was so funny you getting kidnapped :-) So may places hiding away in the back streets and I am sure there are few people who know Oxford as well as you do. Glad to see you blogging again. Take care Diane xox

    1. Yes it was funny Diane. It certainly is a beautiful church in both ways. Only found it because of two guests from Norway , went to a restaurant/pub nearby..I had to go and check it out (someone has too!!!) Thank you for the huge compliment. Not hot on dates and history but if you just want to see some places ,, well you know. :-) I hope to do more blog posts , it took me forever, bit out of practice. Take care and I will fill you in soon . xox Anne

  2. Yes it is amazing sometimes what we find in our own backyards. I am not sure why you couldn't comment on my blog. It's supposed to be open to anyone but I will re-check the settings. Sometimes these things drive me nuts.

    1. Hi Loree , I have managed to comment on your blog now I think. Yes we have to just look out and walk and look!!! Thanks for coming over to my blog.

  3. I love your photos of the light shining in the darkness :-)

    Perfect photos for Easter :-)

    1. Hello CherryPie , thank you so much. Yes that is what I loved too.. the Light and dark.. :-)

      Hope you are well,. Take care Anne

  4. Great to have you back in blogland!

    1. Hello Jackie , thank you, taken a while but determined to share my photos. Take care Anne

  5. I love that you discovered something new even though it isn't far away. Are you going back to the choir again?

    1. Hello Paulita , At last I am back to blogging , taken a while , hopefully it will continue. Yes you would never of known it was there :-) and I am going back to the choir , all depending on work and the guests arrival times.. would like to go back , take care Anne


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