Friday, 30 October 2015

Una bella cartolina consegnata a mano .

A beautiful card delivered by Hand..

A few weeks ago.
a very special   friend came to
all the way from Italy
for 24 hours .

Taken in the Williams Collection/Museum.

He was invited by a friend of his
who works in Williams Factory to
attend a Staff  Open day.

It was amazing to see him as it was one year ago we met,
at the same event.  Christian is as passionate about Williams
as I am about Italy !!  So you can imagine how are chat went !!!!

We only had a short time to chat this time , I was working
and they had to leave.  But before they did, he gave
me this beautiful card..

It is a concertina card from Genova (Genoa)

(Very difficult to photograph  - sorry.)..

Santuario Basilica di S. M Delle Vigne

Santa Maria delle Vigne is a Roman Catholic basilica church in Genoa, northern Italy. It is known from the 10th century. The main altar was completed in 1730 by Giacomo Antonio Ponsonelli.

In the photo below, the little door you can see is where my friend lived!!

I have included this little video taken from the Internet..
to show you inside.. I hope you listen and enjoy.

Grazie to you dear friend. 


  1. Lucky you and great for me to see inside Williams, a real treat. Of course I cannot watch the video, tried, but our internet speed seems to have got worse in the last couple of days!!!! Take care Diane xox

    1. Hi Diane , a lovely card , all my cards mean a lot , but this one is just a little bit extra special. I thought you would appreciate seeing inside Williams, might do a post all about Williams. Sorry you couldn't see the video, it is beautiful, hopefully one day. take care xox

  2. How beautiful. I am contemplating Italy just before Christmas-maybe Bologna and the outskirts...any suggestions?

    1. Hello Esme , I would love to go to Italy before Christmas .. I have never been to Bologna but heard so much about it. Lovely place, a place I would go. So many beautiful places .. Liguria is wonderful. I cannot suggest anywhere particularly , just love what I have seen.,

  3. Hi Anne, what a special card. I hope you do write a post about Williams :-)

  4. Anne, What a lovely story and the post card is fab. So nice to see the connections that you're making to continue your adventures around Europe.

  5. First of all, thumbs up on your Italian! Yay! Bravissima Anne.

    The Williams exhibit sounds really cool! I am not into Formula 1 but the cars really are magnificent pieces of engineering and design.

    And how lovely of your friend to hand-deliver such a nice concertina! Sascha brought me one from Wroclaw a couple of weeks ago because I couldn't join him there, it's such a nice way to get a bit of a taste for a place.


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