Saturday, 13 June 2015

A trip to Bourdeilles - France .. Dreaming of France

This was a difficult post as for a start I had no idea where it was. I knew it was in France , I knew I was with Diane and Nigel but because my computer decided to rearrange all my photos out of their folders I had to sort them out.

It was this little plaque that helped me!!

After a long time researching I found out that he or she was an author.

I have searched and searched and unlike me I cannot find out any info except
that whoever he/she was they wrote books about Bourdeilles.

Must be in the name -- VERY SECRET!!!



The castle of Bourdeilles was firstly a medieval castle, in the end of the 13th, then a Renaissance palace of XVI century, housing an impressive collection of nearly 700 items of antique furnishings. The fortress remained French until 1360 when the treaty of Brétigny ceded the Périgord to the English. - See more at:


I think this Chateau is two different designs or there are two!
I am sure Nigel will be able to help me out on this one . 


I hope you all have a super week . I am off on a trip to Austria
with my Formula 1 friends. I still have to blog about my last trip ..
Italy in September 2014.  Lots to keep me going .
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Hello Anne
    Nigel here. Yep, I remember the chateau de Bourdeilles on a(nother) rainy afternoon, after we had lunch in Brantome on its dreamy river Dronne, although that day it was flowing rather fast! The chateau has two different styles; one half is medieval, from the 13th century and the other half is in a Renaissance style from the 16th century. Your plaque commemorates M. Secret, who isn't quite so "secret"; he looked after the chateau and wrote a book about the building, which seems to have been published shortly before he died in 1981. Good wishes for your travels. We enjoy watching F1, when it's not hidden away on Sky! Nigel

    1. Hello Nigel ,I knew you would know :-) Yes I remember Brantome and lunch and then going here for a walk about , yep with the rain. Thank you for the info.. fabulous. Yes he was a conservationist or a conservateur.. Seems he wrote quite a few books. So I wasn't far off with the two styles . Oh yes the old BBC and Sky competition. I hope this is going to be a good race. Looking forward to this trip , not been to Austria before. Take care and Thank you once again, Anne .

  2. Windows allows me to sort my photos by month which then sorts them by day so when I get stuck on the order of my photos I set it to month. Only problem is when we don't both set the time correctly on our cameras!!

  3. Windows allows me to sort my photos by month which then sorts them by day so when I get stuck on the order of my photos I set it to month. Only problem is when we don't both set the time correctly on our cameras!!

  4. Anne, So glad you got your pictures sorted out and these were worth the wait. I wonder if the word bordello comes from this town. Could make an interesting story! Thanks so much for playing along with Dreaming of France. Just in case you're traveling already, I'll add your name to the links. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  5. Have fun in Austria Anne and i hope you could mail a postcard to me when you have the chance ;-) Enjoy your birthday month!! xxhugxx

  6. What a gorgeous place to visit. So much history. I spent a very brief visit in the Perigord region on my first trip to France, way back in 98. I'd like to get reacquainted.

  7. I just love those crumbling old walls! And now you're off from the quiet of the countryside to the speed of Formula One? Fantastic!

  8. Stop in from Cherry. Names are sometime pretty strange. I've done enough genealogy and I've ran into some real winner. But "Jean Secret" don't take the cake.
    France country side sure is pretty...Stop in for a cup of coffee.

  9. the place looks so picturesque. Enjoy your time.

  10. Delightful place and such wonderful detail in the snapshots,,
    ,The French certainly have superb rivers flowing through gorges.
    I hope you enjoyed Austria, we had a wonderful holiday in Seefeld, in The Tyrol...Gorgeous place.
    Love di.

  11. Very pretty! And I was wondering the same thing as Paulita!?!?


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