Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Postcard from Penrith .....

As most of you know I am a
Formula 1 fan and go on trips
with my friend Linda.
I go with a company called Select Motor Racing and
they are brilliant, so well looked after and great fun.
Well since my first trip two years ago
I have become friends on Facebook with a few
of the  SMR "family" some I have not met
and Wendy is one of them.
Hopefully going to meet up with her
this year sometime.
Wendy sent me a lovely card from Penrith. I have never
been there, passed through on the train ..  

 Here we have the Clock Tower, The Castle , St Andrew's Church
and the The Giant's Thumb ..
The "Thumb" is in St Andrew's Churchyard. Please click on the link to
find out more.  I googled it and found out the alternative name is
Giant's Grave .
A church has stood on this site since 1133, and the present church was built in 1720,
 designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor, a pupil of Christopher Wren,
and modelled on St Andrew’s Holborn.
  The Victorian Clock Tower erected in 1861, is
   known as the 'Musgrave Monument' and
commemorates the death of Philip Musgrave of Eden Hall.
Big Thank you to Wendy ..
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



  1. Lucky you another card to add to your collection. You must meet some wonderful people through your travels and FB. Have a good week Diane

  2. Hi Diane , I DO and HAVE met wonderful people , you being one of them (and Nigel of course) .. Met more through the F1 travels in the two years too. Went to London before Christmas to meet Maggie(she lives in Ipswich) who I met on the trip to Italy. Take care and have a good week .xox

  3. I like the Giant's Thumb! I've never been to Penrith. Thanks for this glimpse of it.

  4. From the postcard views it looks like a lovely place to visit. One to add to my list :-)

  5. I've not been there either. On my list too.


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