Monday, 10 February 2014

Little piece of England...

My lovely friend Diane (from Liverpool)  and her hubby Ian
went on one of their little breaks.
They normally go to
Anglesey in Wales
but this time they broke with
the norm and went to

The village's former name is Garrigill-Gate and it was earlier known as Gerard's Gill. (Gill is a Norse word for a steep sided valley).

Here is the lovely card Diane sent me , not a postcard!

Garrigill is about 3 miles from Alston which is high up in the North Pennines
Alston claims to be the highest market settlement in England,
being about 1000 feet above sea level.
Thank you so much Diane , a lovely cheery surprise.
Diane did used to blog , but due to health etc she took a break

she has now said this
"more to follow on my blog"
So hopefully Diane will be back blogging
about her trips and her fabulous meals
that her and her hubby have..!!
Lets hope so!


  1. Ah, lucky you! I googled the name of the cottage where they stayed and I couldn't believe there were pictures online! It looked amazing and I'd love to go there, myself. What a lovely card!

  2. Hi Leslie ..Yes a lovely card....Great that they put pictures of the cottage online. Very important if they want guess . I would never book somewhere without seeing first. Unless I knew people that had been but then their tastes might be different to mine. I think you would love it. I am very lucky getting all these wonderful cards. take care.

  3. Glad you liked the card Anne,
    Friends of ours have booked to go there in the Spring. I am just having a look around for our next break,
    Hope all is good with you and you are not affected by the floods and dreadful weather,
    love Di.... xxxx

  4. What a sweet thing to do. Di is a lovely lady.

  5. Hi Anne. Well, I hope that your Friend Diane is now feeling much better. How sweet that she sent you this lovely card. Looks like a lovely peaceful place! Hope the weather isn't too bad for you up there at the moment.

  6. That is a lovely card :-)

    I too hope Di starts blogging again, I miss her posts.

  7. What a lovely painting it is. :)

  8. I would love to visit those rolling, green hills.

  9. That is a lovely painting and something different from a postcard. Have a good weekend Diane xox

  10. With all those lovely names it sounds like something from a movie (like Starlight or The Hobbit) was one of the many things I loved about living in England, all those gorgeous names. I know you have a love for cards and postcards like I do, I have many from my travels back in my 20's your friends choice is lovely, they sound like a great couple and hope she gets back to blogging xxx
    sending love

  11. wow, that is a lovely card! are you going to frame it?


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