Friday, 9 August 2013

My Very thoughtful friend ,,,,

saw this last week ,
and today she
bought it for me ,,,,
A beautiful box
for knick Knacks
or jewellery.
letters etc ,,


A wonderful start to my day .
Big thank you to Jinny


  1. Hi Anne. What a very king friend you have! I love that little box, especially knowing how much you love Paris. Enjoy your weekend my friend.

    1. Hi Diane , it was out of the blue this morning ,, she texted me to say she had bought me a present and would I be in the Ceramic shop today,, Jinny knows I love Paris , bless her xx happy weekend , I hope you are feeling a lot better now ,, xox

  2. You have some great friends who are so thoughtful. Lucky you. have a great weekend. Diane xx0xx

    1. Hi Diane I am very lucky , I do have great thoughtful friends,, you being one :-) take care and have a great weekend too. xox

  3. Now you need to get yourself back over there to buy some special trinkets to put inside! lol

    1. Hi Leslie , I would go like a shot, but work to be done,, going to be helping friend Sarah out again LoL I sure don't need any encouragement LOl xox


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