Monday, 24 June 2013

Away from the crowds ,,

Whilst everyone was in a rush to get to the crowds.
Linda and I took ourselves off for a walk,
we would be amongst the crowds soon enough .

We continued  in Fontvielle
with a walk around the Sculture path.

On the initiative of the Sovereign Prince, Monaco has been enriched with inspiring works by internationally renowned artists. The  Sculptures occupy a special place in the Principality and many fine examples are strategically placed  in the streets, walkways and gardens so the public can admire and appreciate these important and valuable pieces.

We were the only people in this area, lots were down the steps in the shops and
restuarants but up here ..Only us.

All the photos of me  are on Linda's camera and unfortunately she
does not do a blog ,, keep trying to convince her .. !!

The statues are all around Fontvielle .....

Linda and I wanted to see as much as possible and do the Grand Prix
and even though we did see lots , there is so much more !!!
So we are now considering another trip!!!
 Dreaming of France Meme ,,, If you are dreaming of France, read a book, got a story
to tell us or are just missing France, why not hop over to An Accidental Blog with
Paulita and join in her meme .. ♥


  1. WOW these are gorgeous! One more place to add to the bucket list *sigh*

  2. Anne, How terrific to have found this uncrowded spot and to enjoy it all yourself. Want to link to Dreaming of France today. I think Monaco is close enough, don't you? Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. Thanks for playing along. Love this trip to Monaco

  4. What an amazing opportunity for you to take photos without hordes of people getting in your way. Get Linda to email you some of her photos of you so you can post them here! I would much prefer to go to this park rather than look into shops and restaurants. Next time, take ME! lol

    1. Leslie , of course you can come :-) ,, we did restaurants, shops and walks , watched the GP , did what we paid to do and had lots of fun :-) xx

  5. Hi Anne. How lovely that you were able to find that nice peaceful spot away from the madding crowds! I loved all the statues. Always enjoy looking at your photos.

    1. Thank you Diane, , everyone was so busy thinking about the Grand Prix, and practice and qualifying,, we did not miss anything that we paid to see, just planned it all and had loads of fun :-)

  6. I always like finding the quiet places in busy areas. Good job and nice photos!

    Joy's Book Blog

  7. I would be escaping those crowds also. When were the statutes placed there? I think they must be relatively new. I like Monaco but have never seen it that crowded.


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