Friday, 4 January 2013

Winchester Cathedral

My son and family moved to a small place near Winchester ,

in November, having lived near Royal Wooton Bassett,

for 5 years.


I had to go down and look after Olivia,

for a few days, so once I took her to

playschool, I had a good few hours to myself.

And where they live is literally in the middle of nowhere.

So I sorted out the buses, and made sure

I could get back on time to pick her up!!


I started my tour at the Cathedral , (a new place for me)

it was a lovely sunny day, cold, but wrapped up was fine.


 PicMonkey Collage 1    

Ooops I appear to have chopped the guys head off .. (blame blogger for mucking me about LOL)

PicMonkey Collage 2

PicMonkey Collage 3PicMonkey Collage 4


PicMonkey Collage 5


I think the the above Alter is fantastic, such super carvings.

My first time in Winchester too , and as they are not moving for a few years, not the last :-)


  1. Beautiful photos! Wish I could come over and take some of my own. Last time I was there, I wasn't "into" photography.

    1. Hi hun, wish you could be here too, let me tell you it was only in 2009 that I took any notice in photograpy xx

  2. I wnet there on a school trip when I was 12 and only rmember that it was a pretty town. I nearly passed Winchester the other day but veered off towards Weymouth instead!

  3. Hi Nicki, first time in Winchester , I love it, very pretty, I missed out on the German christmas market , :-( it was on later in the month, , Has some super shops as well, I have never been to Weymouth either .. I have not been to many places in the UK to be honest. :-)

  4. The only time I saw Winchester cathedral we flew by on our bikes!! I think is was 2003, and we cycled from Oxford to Cherbourg (via the ferry) for a weeks holiday with a group. We had a magical time. Thanks for this post so I can now see what I missed :) Take care Diane xx

    1. Hi Diane, , this is the first time I have ever been down there, glad you liked the post .. It is a lovely town too ,, or should I say city!! Oh yes I always forget you are hard core cyclist :-) take care xx

  5. What a beautiful post Anne.
    Happy New year.

    1. Thank you Britt-Arnild .. so happy you liked it .. I know that you would love the cathederal too ... :-)

  6. That looks like a fabulous cathedral, it is one I haven't been to.

  7. It is fabulous, I wasn't in it very long though, as I wanted to explore more .

  8. Amazing photos, Anne. As you say, that carving above the Altar is amazing! Love how you have taken photos through the leaves like that. I'm sure you will be going back there to explore some more!

  9. There's a very good bookshop in Winchester - but the name escapes me!


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