Wednesday, 2 January 2013

First Postcard for 2013 - Casablanca

My wonderful friend Diane and her husband Nigel,
went to Casablanca for Christmas, after
what had a been a very hectic and stressful time
having work done on their house.

Casablanca is another place I have not been,  nor
had a postcard from there either, until now  .. always a first :-)
Diane's photo's are fabulous, it looks a great place to go.
Especially for the warmth!!

Diane has three  blogs, PhotoDiary , My Life in Charante and
My Life Before Charante .... ALL FANTASTIC to read, and see
her brilliant photos too!!!


I am going to have to come up with a great idea to display them altogether!!


  1. I am seriously hoping to go somewhere warm this year. I kept all the postcards I ever received, although I rarely got any as an adult. How fun it must be to look at your collection.

    1. Hi Bijoux, it is wonderful when a surprise card comes through the letter box from a friend :-) maybe I could send you one , thanks for coming over here .

  2. Glad that this was a first. This photo is of the old Medina where we 'picked' up an English speaking guide. He was very interesting and had lived there all is life and had gone to school there, he was 35. He haggled with a mate of us for a tagine which produced its first meal for us the other night, very yummy!! Take care Diane xx

    1. Hi Diane, that is brilliant to "pick" up and English speaking guide, sounds very very interesting, . Oh I could not haggle at all, would be useless at it. I would love to make a tagine too. Maybe I will get to taste one of yours :-) take care Anne xx


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