Monday, 16 May 2011

A boat trip to Sanctuary Barbana .. Italy

is a must if you are ever  near Grado.

 Barbana is a small island located at the northern end of the Grado Lagoon, near Trieste in north-east Italy. It is the site of the Santuario di Barbana, an ancient Marian sanctuary whose origins date back to 582 when Elia, Patriarch of Aquileia, built a church near the hut of a hermit called Barbano. The island, which can be easily reached by ferry from nearby Grado, is populated by a small community of Franciscan monks.

A short distance from the church, is the apparition chapel, built in 1854 to celebrate the dogma of ' Immaculate Conception . The chapel, octagonal, has taken the place of an earlier votive capital and was decorated in 1860 by the painter udinese Rocco Pitacco . . The paintings represent the glorification of Mary between angels and characters of ' Old and New Testament 

Also in the chapel, which is surrounded by a small cemetery are the remains of the venerable Bulles Egidio , a young Istrian distinguished for his apostolate in Pula and Monfalcone

We passed this cross on the way and it
was my cousin's father-in-law that
placed it here ... as protection for the fishermen,
(I should pay more attention and listen
or write things down, the story is a little longer than
just this).

We were very priviledged on this day, as not
only did we have the boat to ourselves .. (it was not really
the season, so the  normal passenger ferry was  not running )so they
took us in the small boat ....BUT we also had the chapel (within the main
church to ourselves) and our own private mass said.

I do hope that you are enjoying this small tour of an area not that
well known (correct me if I am wrong)!!!.  Very interesting to see beyond the Lakes, Florence, Rome and Cinque Terra, Amalfi,Positano ..
 and other more well known parts of Italy.


  1. It really sounds like you had an amazing trip. That are art work is fantastic. Not sure when you think you can make it in this direction but I suddenly have lots of visitors arriving so check with me before you book any dates. Take care Diane xx

  2. I am not sure about the English name of this - but the font (?) is very unique, I think this is a devil on his knees and on the head he has this holder

  3. What incredible art. Thanks so much for the tour - I wish I could go - but you're the next best thing! Thanks for a wonderful post.
    Happy travels

  4. I agree, that this is not such a well-known area of Italy, and that is why it is so interesting to hear all about it through your posts and photographs. Thank you!

  5. Lovely photos, it seems to be a very nice place to visit.

  6. I think that you must consider it a real privilege to have had the chance visit this place!!!

  7. What a great way to explore, no throngs of tourists fighting for a look.

  8. Wow. Don't the Italians do architecture well? Love it.

  9. You are taking us to the hidden Italy...I am enjoying this trip!

  10. Love these treasures you are finding.


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