Tuesday 30 November 2010

Going to take you to a Magical Place .....................

Saint-Cirq Lapopie
is a a beautiful
place and one not to be missed!

Laury and I took the bus and then
walked across the bridge with breathtaking
views, making our way up to the village.

The village is perched on a cliff
100 m (330ft) above the river
and is a major beauty spot
of the Lot valley.

Magical and Breathtaking,
a spectacular mystical place!!

Saint-Cirq Lapopie has lots  to offer,
shops, walks, cafes and restaurants.
And I have more to show you!!


Sunday 28 November 2010

Birthday wishes to a lovely friend.........

To my wonderful friend

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday,
hope you have a lovely day.
Love and Best Wishes
Anne and Arni xxx

Saturday 20 November 2010

Back on the road again... this time Villefranche de Rouergue

Jean, Laury and I took
a trip to this fabulous place.
You do need a car to get there
and Jean kindly drove.

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 Jean is a lovely
friend of Laury's who lives in Cadrieu.
She is not French nor American, she
is English and comes from Ipswich.
And spookily enough she used to
teach in the village where my
dad is buried and her granddaughter
works in the town where my youngest son lives!!!

On the way back we lost our way to
the carpark .. had a rough idea
but went down the wrong road.... we knew
where we had to head though, as I had taken
this photo from the carpark at the start of the trip !!

Tuesday 16 November 2010

The little package I have been waiting for has arrived ..........

Back in October
I did a post for
which my friend Rosa
asked if I would like to take part
along with Bloggers in Italy and a few
other countries.

One of the ladies taking part ...
was JoAnne - Frutto della Passione..

JoAnne's post included a giveaway
of a $25 gift certificate to spend at
each item purchased generates funds for
for more free mammograms.

I was totally unaware of the certificate
but just left  a comment for JoAnne
about her great post
and  guess what?

I won the certificate. 
Could not believe it.!!

I had to go to the website and choose
a gift , which I can tell you took me a long
time, so many wonderful gifts on there, work out
how to pay and wait for the
 gift to come from America.

I knew this was the gift to choose
as soon as I saw the words
on the pendant...
the same as in my header!!
We can all make a difference
not only in October
but everyday!

Jack Frost has appeared ................

Makes you feel cold
just looking at the photos :-(

Sunday 14 November 2010

Happy Wedding Day to Wonderful friends .......................

Carolyn and Clive

They  are getting married
today (sunday 14th November @ 5pm)
in Australia where they live.
Wishing you both
all the best for
the future.

Hope you have a
fantastic Day ♥♥♥

Love from us all.

I was very fortunate to meet these
two wonderful people in Paris
April 2009.


Friday 12 November 2010

Beautiful flowers ......

to say a big
Thank you
to you all.

Click on photo to enlarge

Blogging is becoming
hard to keep up with and
to keep going, you have
all helped.

I do have quite a few
more posts to do, all still
to do with France, will
be here soon.

I try to reply to all
of your wonderful comments,
but miss quite a few.
I also try to read your blogs too!!!

Tuesday 9 November 2010

All my postcards are special..........

but this one is a

little bit


special !

It was sent to me
by my cousin Valerie,
who I have had no
contact with until this
year since 1966!!

Facebook has its Pros and Cons,
This was a Pro :-)

I found a cousin and her daughter
 in South Africa, my second cousin
and his wife in Malta,
a second cousin in Denmark and 
 my cousin Valerie's grown up children,
who contacted her for me.

 To think that
Valerie and her family
have been living in
all this time,
so close and we
never knew!

Thank you for the lovely card!
Hopefully see you soon xx

Thursday 4 November 2010

Bloggers meet up .. and wonderful goodies....

Back in September I wrote
about a lovely  lady named Diane
whose blog is called

Diane splits her time between
Fance and the UK, until the
time that her husband can retire,
and the move will be permanant

What a shock and surprise
to find out that we live in the
same English Village.

And we met today!!!

Diane has a  very interesting story, so why not
have a read from the start!!

Look at the wonderful goodies
Diane brought for me..

An assortment of homemade confitures  and a ..........

Pumpkin from her garden...

Great to meet you Diane and a big Thank you for the goodies.

Things are a little bit hectic for Diane at the moment, but
I am sure we will meet up again soon.