Saturday, 20 November 2010

Back on the road again... this time Villefranche de Rouergue

Jean, Laury and I took
a trip to this fabulous place.
You do need a car to get there
and Jean kindly drove.

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 Jean is a lovely
friend of Laury's who lives in Cadrieu.
She is not French nor American, she
is English and comes from Ipswich.
And spookily enough she used to
teach in the village where my
dad is buried and her granddaughter
works in the town where my youngest son lives!!!

On the way back we lost our way to
the carpark .. had a rough idea
but went down the wrong road.... we knew
where we had to head though, as I had taken
this photo from the carpark at the start of the trip !!


  1. I love your photo of the puppet show! Jean is such a nice woman. She's in Ipswich now for the winter.

  2. I agree, what a wonderful setting for a Market. Lovely photoes. I, too, love the puppet man!

  3. You are so lucky to have been able to explore around the little towns of France. Your photos are fantastic.

  4. I also love the old man with the puppet show. The market is in a beautiful setting.
    Again we see what a small world we live in!! See you soon. Diane

  5. Small world. I love the pic of the man with the puppet show, too.

  6. I like the idea of taking a photo of the view from where you park--that could prove to be very helpful when you just can't figure out where in the world you parked!

    Have a great weekend,

  7. Villefrance DR was our old stomping grounds when we lived here in 2008 as our little house was just south of there. The Thursday market, our bank, the Globe where we'd get coffee and our gym. We haven't been back up properly since we arrived, only to the Le Clerc just outside of town.

  8. Another one who likes the puppet show! It certainly is a small world, full of surprising coincidences.

  9. That was a lovely tour, Anne. Have a great start to the new week! xxxx

  10. Thanks everyone for wonderful comments .... a few more photos still to be posted :-)

  11. The puppet show photograph is fantasctic, look lost in time, almost a different era

  12. The puppet show photograph is fantasctic, look lost in time, almost a different era

  13. I love markets in smal towns!

  14. Lovely pics, Anne!!!

    Looks like a very nice place!!!

    Happy Monday to you! Stay warm.

  15. Anne, those pictures are lovely and they really make me want to pack my bags and drive to France... Yes, I also love those puppets, they look beautiful. I hope you have now recovered from your evening at your friend's house, it's always a good night when you end up staying over and it hadn't been planned... ;-) Have a great week, Love from London x

  16. Hi Anne!
    What a beautiful experience to enjoy with blogger friends! Amazing about how your father and son and that Jean comes from Ipswich! Nice that you could see Laury too! Fab photographs of a lovely place. Thank you!


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  18. French markets always look like living paintings. I'd go crazy shopping at a place like that.

  19. Hi Anne,

    Thank you for sharing more of your pics :)
    That was so nice of Jean to take you down to see the market.You know so well now that markets are a treat in France.

    Those were some coincidences you had with Jean. Spooky indeed!

  20. How blessed you are to be able to see these wonderful places! Thank you for sharing the JOY with us.

    Hugs my friend. xoxo

  21. A beautiful setting for the market, indeed! Gorgeous.

  22. Anne: Oh! how I have enjoyed reading of your latest sojourn in France...Wonderful writing and brilliant should publish and become a recognised travel writer...Marvellous stuff, I felt I was with you all the way..



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