Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Jack Frost has appeared ................

Makes you feel cold
just looking at the photos :-(


  1. These images are beautiful as well as a bit chilly looking.

  2. Gosh, the photoes are wonderful - did you have to get up especially early to capture them? Very chilly here in Devon today, with a frost earlier, but so lovely to see it clear and bright, after a really dreary weekend.

  3. Very pretty! I just wish that it didn't mean winter is here!

  4. beautiful photos , brilliant sunshine here with the frost :-)

  5. Brr yes very chilly Anne, but frost makes beautiful photos :)

  6. Beautiful pictures. I wish that we could have had more time yesterday driving to Newbury, via Chippenham and Devizes collecting family members. The white trees were stunning. Diane

  7. About time too,I was worried Jack Frost would never arrive!

  8. The photos are beautiful
    despite the cold weather.
    What kind of camera do you
    And do you sell prints of
    the photos?
    They are lovely enough to
    be framed.

  9. hello Jann.. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. No I have never thought of selling them .. how kind of you to think that they are worth it.

    I only have a casio Exlim digi 8.1 mega pixels.. my husband bought it for me..

    do you have a blog?? How did you find me? I like to know how people came across my blog, it is interesting.

  10. Hello Anne...
    I came across your blog from
    Britt Arnhild's blog.
    I read her blog every day and
    she also takes lovely photos.
    I do not have a blog of my own
    but love to read blogs of women
    from other countries. England
    has such beautiful scenery and I
    would love to visit there, but
    doubt that I will be able to.
    My oldest son attended Cambridge
    for almost a year and loved it.
    Guess I will have to settle for
    looking at photos. But I really
    do enjoy them.


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