Monday, 6 December 2010

St Nicholas Day - 6th December - How do you celebrate?

Happy St Nicholas Day to you all....

Do you or your country celebrate??

According to this website,
we do celebrate it in the UK .. 
  I have never heard any mention 
of the day here, so might just 
be in a few towns.. !!

I did celebrate when 
I was a little girl
and lived 
in the Netherlands. 

I am sure there are
wonderful Festas going
on around the world, hope
you get to enjoy and celebrate
at one!


  1. Hi Anne, Saint-Nicolas Day is a very, very big event in Belgium. I don't celebrate it any longer as I've 'outgrown' it and have no children. I do treat myself to marzipan - a typical Saint Nicolas treat - and Spanish Clementines though. Yum ;)

  2. We do celebtate here-kids get small gives (Santa puts them under pillow or to their shoes)-bigger gifts are for 24th

  3. Hi Anne, that picture is very very precious! It's exactly the setting I photographed yesterday ;)
    SO much fun that we both did a post on Sinterklaas today. He will be almost back in Spain by now ;)
    How long have you lived in Holland? I didn't know you have lived here. Do you know a few Nederlandse woorden still?
    Have a lovely avond xxxx

  4. Your blog is now linked in my blog: Peace Bloggers Unite (you have a Blogblast for Peace banner in the sidebar :-) )

  5. Yes, I remember it from when I was a child, but it really has got lost since living in the UK. I love that picture, can you imagine something like that nowadays? So un-PC, which is fine by me - it made me smile! Have a great week, Love from London x

  6. What a lovely photo. I didn't know you lived in Holland as a child. xx

  7. I have always thought it was a Dutch thing. We don't celebrate it here.

  8. Hi Anne,

    Welllllll, I just learned about it a few moments ago from reading Lindy Lou Mac's post about it... Haha! I'm not Catholic and don't know much about St.s Days... But St. Nic's Day is a good one, since he's the St. Nic for Christmas!!! I will have to get with the program next year... I think I'll wear my Santa hat all day to celebrate!

  9. Well Saint Nicholas is celebrated in Italy although I just wrote about it, we did not personally celebrate. I love the old photo you included.

  10. What an adorable photo! We are still eating the goodies that St. Nicholas left our children. He is rather generous. :D

  11. Does sound like fun but we do not celebrate this holiday in Canada.

    Hope all is well and your heart is full with the magic of the season. xoxoxox hugs

  12. Nope we don't celebrate it here. Ain't St Nicholas the legendary Santa Claus? ;)

  13. I have no idea if it is celebrated in France, certainly not a public holiday. 01 November is all saints day and that is a public holiday.

    Aha just discovered - In France Saint Nicolas comes primarily in Alsace, Lorraine, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and Brittany. A little donkey carries baskets filled with children's gifts and treats.

    The whole family gets ready for the saint's arrival on December 6, with grandparents telling stories of the saint.

    Have a good weekend, Diane xox

  14. Happy St. Nicholas Day, Anne!

    We don't celebrate it in the Philippines but I'm delightful to greet you nonetheless.

    Wish you a great weekend ahead too!


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