Thursday, 2 December 2010

Saint Cirq Lapopie .. Part two .....

Certainly a place to have
your camera ready .
So many twists and turns,
in the little lanes!

Thank you to you all for your fab comments,
without you this blog would of slowly
disappeared.  I  must apologize for  not
 coming over to most of your
blogs for a while ....

Sorry, family and relationships
have to come first!! I will be over
to visit you all soon.


  1. Anne I understand what you are saying, I hope we both have some time to get together soon. life is not easy!! These are beautiful photos. Will phone you ASAP. Diane

  2. Gad I'm not traveling with you..... I wouldn't have shared the dessert, I'd have chomped it all up myself!!!
    Lovely photos as always.

  3. Lovely photoes, as before. Really captured the atmosphere of the place.

  4. Hi Anne
    I would love to spend a day in that gorgeous village just so very quaint & the dessert Yum!!

  5. Have you considered putting all these photos of the French villages into a book? At least a personal one for you, and maybe gifts for others. It would be such a wonderful keepsake...


  6. Definitely a nice region and from your pictures, it's easy to understand that you really enjoyed it!

  7. shops, seets and sun! a paradise for me:)

  8. What lovely shops. Great prices on those menus too!

  9. Real life first Anne, after all our blogs are just hobbies. I will not be around much myself either over the next month.
    I have been enjoying sharing your last trip to France with you. :)

  10. What is it about French villages and shops? Why can't any place else imitate that charm? Love it

  11. Thank you for posting. I really love the last photo.

  12. Great photos Anne.
    Makes me want to go to France :-)

  13. Thank you for this beautiful taste of summer. I really miss it, though I'm sure this place would be equally lovely under a blanket of snow!

  14. Anne, one of my sister and my parents live in Rodez. My other sister lives near St Cirq lapopie.
    One niece lives near Montpellier, an other one in the Pyrenees, one in Cahors...
    I know the region well and it is beautiful, but thank you very much, I will stay in Southern California or Hawaii during winter.

  15. Nice post,bravo

  16. Gorgeous pics, Anne! So many interesting spots to peer at!

  17. Hello Anne, thank you for tending to your blog readers even when it is to say that you are, of course, living your life away from the you should. I enjoy all you share and as a reader never expect a daily update and delight whenever you do have something to say. I am also undemanding blogwise as I am so desparately bad at posting...for whatever reason it seems to take me forever to tie thoughts, and images together. But I have plenty of photos and ideas swimming around...I just dearly appreciate your stopping by and this opportunity to get to know you better. Enjoy your holiday season and i loved that photo of you in Holland with St. Nicolas. No, I have not heard of that holiday being celebrated in Texas.

  18. Wow! what gorgeous photos! I would love to visit here! Thanks so much for sharing:)


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