Friday, 17 September 2010

What a small world and Blogging .. Amazing!

I have been following a blog
for a little while now ...
written by Diane.

Yesterday I left a comment on this post...
Diane said she could not get
a poster as she did not know
where to get one, which is fine,
but she does have a spare copy
of the Charante magazine,
with an article in it .. if you send me
your address.. she would deliver it
when she returns
to the UK ... That is brilliant ..

BUT what is so unbelieveable is
that Diane has a house in the same
village as me!!!!!!

Sorry had to interrupt the Paris posts for this!


  1. that is amazing Anne. So pleased that you are back!

  2. hi Cathy how amazing is that ..

    Thank you for the welcome back to ;-)

  3. Anne it really is a small world!!! You had better let me know what jams you like. I have a selection of fig, plum and cherry. Do you like pumpkin? Looking forward to handing over a selection from the garden:-) Diane

  4. I forgot to add that we both follow F1 religiously and have done so for years. Don’t suppose you noticed some years ago an orange Porsche 911 that floated around our village? If so it was me, that was another item that got sold so we could buy a home in France:-( Never mind I love our home here. Diane (again)

  5. I just love this sort of karma, so now you two actually get to meet one another, Anne and Diane, how exciting!

  6. Hi Linda, it is amazing .. couldn't be closer to home :-)

  7. This truly is amazing and lucky for you both! I just know you're going to become great friends. :D

  8. Ciao Anne! Oh wow! I can't believe how that must feel to find out some one you've been communicating with online lives just across town! (And has similar interests... and makes jam!) Thanks for sharing this story!

  9. You are right, unbelievable and so cool! What is funny too is that
    we all read some of the same blogs.
    Maybe one day we could all have a "blog reunion". (I don't have one, I just read them).

  10. It's a small world, isn't it?

  11. Bonjour Anne,
    Oh yes; a small world indeed!!
    I do think that a meeting may be in order one day :)
    I enjoyed going over to see Diane on her blog.
    And what a lovely gesture to save you that magazine!

    Happy Sunday xo

  12. What small world it is, Anne. Hope your weekend is lovely so far, enjoy your Sunday morning coffee. xx
    Thank you for entering my giveaway, I threw the sweet-Anne notes in the big bowl, fingers crossed for YOU! xxxx

  13. No way - she does?? And you never knew all this time? hahaha! That's too funny - stuff like this does happen quite often in the blogosphere! So are you going to get together?

  14. Yes, life is full of lovely surprises like this, and amazing coincidences.


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