Thursday, 16 September 2010

Part two .. Cite Internationale Universitaire De Paris

Beautiful area at the back !
The spire is the

Église du Sacré-Cœur de Gentilly

We didn't go into the church, it appeared to be closed.

The Spanish House

The Biermans-Laportre Foundation

Every year the Cité Internationale accommodates 10,000 students,

researchers and artists in its 40 houses.

The houses are from countries all over the world.. very interesting

to see the differences. Click on the link

above, and have look! I would like to go back and have

a longer look round.


  1. I am enjoying this tour as you have seen things that I missed. Diane

  2. Bravo again Anne. Actually the old place looks like it has gotten a nice clean up/clear up. It was definitely a rambling/sprawling expanse of dorm houses, green sections and sculptures. your photos present it so elegantly.

  3. What a fabulous tour that you have taken us on - just beautiful!! :)

  4. Thanks Diane . Jenny and Cathi.. Very happy that you are enjoying the tour .. it was new place for me , pleased you like my photos.:-)

  5. Hi Anne ~ so interesting to see places I have never been ~ Thanks for the tour.

  6. Oh, this was so lovely to read and see the pics. Your site looks delightful. If you'd like to visit me, I have a Paris site as I think Paris is such a wonderful city and I visit as much as possible..:)

  7. I've been there a couple of times and found it so interesting. There are a couple of really interesting blocks with lovely homes there too.

  8. Wow, thanks for that new look at the Cité Universitaire. I always thought of it as "that place I have to go to get my resident card", but it certainly is beautiful. I'll have to take a better look around next time I'm there!

  9. I am catching up this evening on blog reading and am enjoying your tour of Paris. It looks like you had gorgeous weather on this last trip.

  10. Hi Anne,

    Well done!
    You are right about this area meriting another look. It is very interesting indeed.


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