Thursday, 19 August 2010

A little trip to the shops ... Montreal

Whilst in Montreal with my

cousin, we went to a few shops!!!

Oh yes she ♥ shopping.

We went in a variety so all very different.

But I didn't expect to see this !!

OR this!!


  1. oh how lovely..I love shopping in different countries...always such a treat. Thank you for sharing. xoxoxo

  2. Did you buy anything?? I would've been so tempted to buy a little of everything! I love the bear and the cow!

  3. Love the way the goods are displayed. Yes, what did you buy?!

  4. A fascinating trip around the shops of Montreal but do share what you purchased with us Anne.

  5. Thanks for that little insight into another world - interesting to see different grocery items like clam chowder and of course the real maple syrup!
    Have a lovely week-end Anne!

  6. And here's to Canuck country's CANADIAN BEER! (actually, I hate the smell & taste of beer) Love the bear - you'll see them everywhere in Canada! lol

  7. What a visual treat!! But the grizzly bear and real. Happy weekend Anne.

  8. Hi Anne,
    I know what you are talking about...
    We took a tour through shopping areas and found a lot of unusual shops and window displays.
    Did you end up bringing back a souvenir? Most of ours were edible souvenirs :)


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