Friday, 20 August 2010

Tasty Treats for you all... Which one are you going to choose??

Thank you for all your
wonderful comments in the last
few weeks.... !

If I could I would buy you
all a treat... take your pick.

Hopefully one day I will meet
more of you and we can share coffee and cake,
or a scrummy GELATO

Have a fun filled weekend.


  1. Fabulous images! I wish I could get my glaze as apparent as those gâteaus..
    I would choose the tiramasu flavoured icecream...oh and whilst we're in a "make-up world"...I'd like no calories with that thanks :D

  2. I have been enjoying window shopping with you. Have a great weekend to you.

  3. Too gorgeous to eat I think....Nah, I would pick gelato pretty please. uh, and raspberry cake, ... and chocolate layer cake, and ....oh goodness, good thing I am on the calorie free side of things here in Texas. And I would be glad to join you for any kind of coffee and treat. Here's to one day!

  4. I agree with Jenny - too gorgeous to eat...well, I'll have a pinoli gelatto, please. :D

  5. Chocolate for me, please, anything chocolate is okay ...
    Have a wonderful weekend too, Anne xx

  6. I will have a Gelato for you in Marta this weekend Anne x

  7. Hi Anne - I think I would by-pass the gelato and choose a grande slice of the tarte au citron in the 2nd pic - looks soo scrummy!!

  8. Bonjour Anne,
    Oh my God,everything looks so fab!
    If I can get a tiny individual slice of that lemon or rasberry cake down there,then thats wonderful!
    Enjoy your weekend!! XO

  9. I can see some of my favourites in there. I hope you have a great weekend too.

  10. Oooh! I'll have a gelato - and some of that cake in the corner with the blackberries on it, please!


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