Thursday, 24 June 2010

Three Firsts.....

First flight on my own,
Yes I suppose it is hard to believe!
I am quite scared of flying, but once
the tickets were booked .. Had to do it!!

First time to Canada.

Saint Lawrence River as I flew in!
I did ask my cousin .. so if its
wrong, we can blame him !!

First time staying with my cousin and his family.

This was taken in Ricardo's Italian restaurant for my birthday meal..!

It was DELICIOUS!!!!!


  1. oh, lovely cloud montage :)

  2. Hi Erin .. Thank you .. I do believe though that one of the photos is of Icebergs.. so my cousin told me :-)

  3. great the Saint Lawrence people.

  4. looks like you had a great time.... did you get the birthday card i sent ???

  5. Cheers!! :)

    Looks like a great trip so far. Here's to more of a wonderful time, Anne!

  6. So happy your firsts were all successful Anne.

  7. Good for you! I hate flying too although like you I do it. I try never to look out the window tho, hahaha.


  8. And it looks like the trip was well worth it!

  9. Bonjour Anne,
    Look at you; Wooo!
    Believe me; first times are good.
    What beautiful photos from the airplane!! Just like D&I spotting snow as we had our flight. Love it all :)

    You have a beautiful family too. If I can say if they read your blog, Anne is a someone very special for her friends moi included).


  10. You have been very clever to win your fear of flying alone! I'm sure you had a very nice timewith your cousin! I adore photos taken by the plane! They make me dream!
    Have a nice week end!

  11. THose are some pretty good firsts. What a gift to have been able to spend your birthday while catching up with family and traveling about. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I'm happy for you Anne! I remember the first time I flew on my own OUT of the US and into Europe. It was frightening! But, once you get past that first hurdle, the rest becomes a piece of cake!

  13. Fantastic view of The St. Lawrence River Anne and, how lovely to be able to spend time with your Canadian family, on your Birthday.
    I had a look at the menu of Ricardo's...What a delicious choice too!

    Welcome home,

  14. Welcome to Canada!!!!!!! Looks like you are having fun....happy Birthday to you my friend. xoxoxo

  15. First of all .. Happy Birthday ... and second .. I saw a movie the other day called Five Hours from Paris where the central charachter also is scared of taking planes .. but he never made it to Canada!

  16. What pretty photos, Anne. You made quit a trip for the first time!!
    Hugs and more hugs for a wonderful weekend. xx

  17. Hi Anne- Now that you've been "up up and away" do it more often. living in far away Australia - and loving France, it's a matter of fly or swim - and I would have to say I have seen the most amazing sights and colours out my little plane window.
    I noticed you love walking -I have taken 3 wlking holidays with HF Holidays 2 in the Cotswold and 1 in the Lakes district. loved them

  18. Wow, you had some great views from your plane.

  19. And now that you have made your first flight, I bet there'll be more to come. So here's to more adventures overseas. Warm greetings from Tokyo!

  20. Brilliant photos Anne. I hope you had a great time.

  21. great photos Anne! I never visited Canada and your pictures made me want to go soon!


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