Monday, 28 June 2010

Isn’t it great when your friends remember you …..

I came back from my wonderful

time with my family in Montreal,

to a mat full of post.

Not just birthday cards but


Thank you to my wonderful blogging friend Britt-Arnild from Trondheim Norway…. who sent me a card from Rorvik in Norway.

One of her blogs is called House in the Woods, which is amazing. You will need a lot of spare time ..

It is so interesting and no doubt you will get side tracked on to her other great blogs… one of which is Trondheim through all seasons!


Rørvik is a port town in the Vikna archipelago on the Norwegian coast.

Next came a card from my great friend Sally In Norfolk

who went on a trip to Italy with Geoff

They went over for a wedding and a bit of sightseeing!

Call in and have a read of their wonderful adventures!

Thank you Sally ♥


Palazzo Ducale, Urbino


Krasnoyrsk Rescuer Peak.. Russia

This card came from a lovely lady called Anna, who I first came across

on Postcrossing, she asked if she could send me a card direct, which

I thought was very kind of her.

Thank you to you all.

More to follow!!


  1. more great postcards for your ever growing collection Anne.Are you still in to Postcrossing?

  2. What WONDERFULLY thoughtful gifts for you birthday Anne!! Do you have a special book to hold all of these beautiful words, photos cards and stamps?

    Thinking of you!!


  3. How lovely to receive so many postcards :-)

  4. you must have quite a collection now and i also wonder what you do with them all :-)

  5. Such beautiful cards! Hope you've a nice book to keep them in.

  6. postcards are always exciting! and that peak in russia is like a dream snowglobe don't you think?

  7. Computers and laptop can crash but the written postcard will always be with us. I've got yours...a million thanks...will send one soon. Happy week ahead Anne :)

  8. I just had to stop by when I saw your comments on both Corey's and Britt-Arnhild's Facebooks. Isn't is fun getting postcards in the mail. I have also received from Britt-Arnhild in the past.

  9. Welcome home, Anne, and so fun that you had so many postcards waiting for you when you returned! That must have brought a smile to your face. Thank you for sharing them here.

  10. My Goodness!!
    You were spoiled :)
    This is much better than coming back home to bills or "occupant" mail.

  11. oh wow! welcome back! And thank you for sharing all these lovely cards! I love coming here and seeing all the cards you get from all over the place, it puts me in a good mood, like a short virtual trip :-)


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