Thursday, 22 April 2010

Le Parc de Sceaux.....

is a favourite parc of my friends Leesa and Barbara who live near there. Last week they went for one of their visits to check out the Cherry trees and the wonderful blossom. And thought of me... .. they sent me a lovely post card..! Such a great surprise to greet me after work.

Merci mes amis merveilleux !


  1. My connection is misbehaving and I cannot see the postcard!

    I'll pop back another time, but it is nice when you are remembered isn't it.

  2. nice to have some thing waiting for you when you get home :-)

  3. Hi Anne,

    Bless you, mon amie. Now, next time you have to be alongside us :)

  4. It's a pretty postcard and I still have all mine pinned up on a huge wall from blog friends everywhere. Happy weekend Anne :)

  5. Ah mon Dieux! Un parc fabuleux pour voir et se promener! :D

  6. Your right - it's such a beautiful park. It wonderful to see the leaves on the trees and all of the wonderful flowers.


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