Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What did the Postman bring me today??

He brought me 3 postcards…yes 3 from two wonderful Bloggers.

Two of them are  from my great friend Leesa who lives in Paris. She has been wondering what happened to them…posted them before Christmas.  The first one is Strasbourgs’s Marche de Noel en Alsace. I was in the Alsace in  November, never made it up to Strasbourg, maybe next time! 

The Alsace is a  beautiful area, an area I don’t know much about, so would be great to return and discover more. Cimg4737

 Christmassy and Cute!!

The second card from Leesa will certainly warm you up and banish the freezing winter weather away…not for long but I am sure you can imagine the sun.  It is from Nice, where I have only flown into, never stayed.  Just look at the blue skies and sea…I wish.  You can dream though!!


My third card came from a new reader, who is also a blogger.  Her name is LindyLouMac… who lives in Italy.  Lindy and husband spent New Year with friends in cold and snowy Suffolk. One day they went to the charming seaside resort of Southwold, and she thought of me with this lovely card.


I just love these beach huts!

Her blog is News in Italy, which  I believe was started so that her family and friends could be kept up-to-date with life in Italy. LindyLouMac and her husband moved there in 2004, which I think is so great and a  big adventure.  LindyLouMac also has another blog, which I know will be of great interest to a lot of my blog readers….A Book Review Blog

Call in and say Hi to Leesa and LindyLouMac, I am sure they would be delighted.

A Big Thank you Leesa and LindyLouMac.


  1. wow i love those beach huts...not many people know this but i have a thing about beach huts and would love a huge picture of them for my dinning room.... I have looked at many but the ones i have really liked have been sssooo expensive x x

  2. Whew!! Soooo glad you got the postcards.. I was beginning to wonder what happened to them! Okay, so that's great and I'm glad you enjoyed them!

    I hope you get to visit Nice one day and of course, Strasbourg... Maybe when you come back we can go to Strasbourg together...


  3. I love those beach huts too - and the market and the view of Nice!

  4. Those beach huts look lovely :-)

  5. Thankyou so much for the great publicity for My Blog. I had better get writing again, I have nearly uploaded all the photos I took to My Flickr account so writing will be next task.
    I loved that postcard hence the choice, I have even taken a photo of it to keep for myself! My efforts at taking a photo of the beach huts are just not the same. I am really pleased you liked it and enough to include in your blog.

    Thankyou Anne


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