Monday, 12 October 2009

Ladies, Lunch and L'oisive The....

Leesa, Barbara, Dawn and I all met up at this wonderful cafe L'oisive The, owned by Aimee. The Cafe is in Butte aux Cailles in the 13th arondissement and can be reached either by getting out at the metro station Corvisart (line 6) or Place d'Italie. I am sure my good friends in Paris will tell you the best way, I remembered Corvisart from my first trip in April!

The menu is really great, such a wonderful choice...we didn't have room for dessert after these super salads..!!
We had a wonderful lunch, lots of chat and laughter as usual!! Thanks girls, and thanks Aimee. I hope that some ofyou get the chance to go and visit!

I would like to add, if anyone living over there loves to knit, why not visit the cafe on a Wednesday nights at 7 pm and join the Trico The, I am sure you would have a great evening!!


  1. I adore going out for tea and those salades look wonderful. However, I'd have to say, Pas d'olives, s'il vous plait.

  2. Great photo and great place - so glad you got to enjoy those fabulous salads.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Paris photos and trip adventures :)


  3. hmmm...wonderful Anne, thanks for all the info! I'm so hungry now.

  4. Hi Anne,
    How are you today? You are reminding me that I have not returned to l'oisiv'thé since.. your visit. I love this salon de thé !
    Your photos are very well done; it captures the atmosphere.

    See you soon,

  5. Clever name Tricot The!
    I recognize some of those faces from the blogs. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your friends are so cute! I'm leaving soon for a long-overdue trip to see my family, but this is on my list of places to see when I get back!

  7. Looks so nice Anne. It's fun to go to Paris with you. You all had so much fun! Thank you for sharing all of your great finds here on your site.

    You just said (in your comment) that you must change something. What do you mean????

    Hugs from afar~

  8. I'm happy you found the Butte aux Cailles, an area still quite untouched and full of charm ... and your choice of metro stations sounds correct to me! Now, personally I would rather go there for some wine than for some tea drinking! :-)

  9. I'm just stunned -- how can you NOT have had room for dessert?! I mean, I would avoid having the salad in order TO have room for Aimee's divine desserts!!! : )

    Everything there is so wonderful.

  10. Hi Anne,

    Nice to visit your blog. Great post and good to see photos of Aimee's cafe. I hope to get the chance to stop in sometime, for a great salad *and* desert!



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