Saturday, 17 May 2008

Italy and Art...

Two of our fellow bloggers..Julian and Amanda from A Tuscan View - from Umbria, are starting up painting holidays. ..Set in the inspiring Tuscan and Umbrian countryside, Artist in Italy is offering painting holidays for people who love art, Italy, good food and wine. The week-long painting and drawing courses have been carefully designed for both beginners and intermediate artists who would like to improve their skills and techniques. After spending about a year and a half restoring a beautiful Umbrian villa, they are ready to take reservations for art-retreat holidays beginning in September 2008

It seems like a brilliant opportunity not only to develop your Art skills, but to visit the beautiful location in which they live.

Sounds just like the place for an excellent break...Italy, good food, good wine, great people...what more could you ask for.


  1. I wish I could paint, is there any hope for the hopeless like me? Maybe Tuscan Tony could give me cookery lessons instead or show me the local sites.

  2. Anne we are for ever in your debt. What a kind and generous post. When you make it to Chiusi the prosecco is on us.

    PS ellee, there is always hope! Our courses are aimed at beginners too. In fact we believe that beginners will get the most out of the courses. All you really need is the willingness to have a go:)
    Ciao Amanda

  3. Ellee who is Tuscan Tony????

    Amanda thanks for calling in. Pleased to help you in anyway I can...It would be great if someone came to you via my blog!!!

    I noticed in your comments that someone already found you through me...thats great, means that people are reading my blog and noticing what I post about.

  4. Thanks, I went on their site and was inspired.

  5. I have so many wonderful memories of painting holidays! And in Tuscany, ohhh that will be LUSH!

  6. Thanks to everyone on your great comments..

    Annechung thanks for finding me and commenting on Tuscan in Umbria..that is so great. great that you used my word!! LUSH!!

  7. Sounds...perfetto!!


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