Saturday, 17 May 2008

Todays trip into Oxford

Today I decided to go to Oxford, but this time not only for shopping!! Thought I would be a tourist. I went to a part I have never been..Radcliffe Square.

It was absolutely amazing..the architecture is just brilliant and so here are a few photo's..

Radcliffe Camera

Camera" here has nothing to do with photography, it means "Chamber". The building was completed in 1747, built to house a library of science, and funded by John Radcliffe, physician to William III. It was absorbed into Bodleian library in 1860.
It was Hawksmoor who originally suggested a circular building in the form of a mausoleum. James Gibbs proposed a more practical rectangular building.

Various sites were considered and rejected before the present location was chosen.

By the time the land had been purchased Radcliffe had been dead for 30 years, and Hawksmoor had died. Radcliffe's trustees chose Gibbs as the architect, and persuaded him to adapt Hawksmoors design.

The interiour is reported to be equally fine, but unfortunately, is not open to the public.

St Mary's church

Saint Mary's church is rich in architectural and historical interest, and worth taking time to explore.
This is the parish church of Oxford, and was used for university ceremonies and for meetings of the university ruling body (the convocation), from the thirteenth century until the Sheldonian theatre was opened in 1669.

The oldest visible part is the tower, which was built towards the end of the 13th century.

The spire was added to the tower around 1315-1325. Note the knobbly "ballflower" decoration, which is typical of this period.

The nave of the church fell into disrepair, and was replaced between 1463 (chancel) and 1485-95 (nave and aisles) - built in perpendicular style with large windows. The rebuilding was funded by members of the university.

The curious porch, with its huge spiral columns, was added in 1637

Bridge of Sighs

These are just random photos ...


  1. My husband proposed to me in Oxford, I've never been back since, I think I prefer it to Cambridge in many ways. Except Grantchester is very special for me here.

  2. Great photos Anne. Like you I need to play tourist to my local city xx


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