Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hi Friends ...

Away at the moment and only
have my small ideapad to use,
proving hard to read and reply
to everyone's blogs and also
commenting etc ...can just about
do a post, but alas no photos either.

Hope you all have  wonderful week and
weekend .. see you all again soon.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Oxford and another First ...

Today I met up with new friends
Veronica (from Peru) and
Herve (French/Mexican) ...

Me and Veronica inside the museum

After walking around the
Musuem of Oxford
we headed off to go for lunch.

We set off towards Carfax and this is
considered the centre of the city  

The name Carfax
derives from the French "carrefour"
crossroads or quatre face "four face"

Herve said
lets go to the top of
Carfax Tower.

Carfax Tower is is all that remains of the 12th century St Martin's Church and is now
owned by the Oxford City Council.

It was the official City Church of Oxford,  where the Mayor and Corporation were expected to worship, between c.1122 and 1896, when the main part of the church was demolished to make more room for traffic in the area.

In 1896, the City Church was moved to All Saints Church in the High Street.

Click on the photos to get a closer look.

Weathervane at the top of the tower.

Hope you have enjoyed this NEW view!!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Another Postcard and another First ...

Thank you to my lovely friend Marilyn, who I have known for at least
34 years , we lost connection and through our sons, and facebook
we reconnected last year ,,

Marilyn does not have a blog,  unfortunately and
such a shame, as they travel a lot, and to
unusual countries .  Come on Marilyn,
come and join us bloggers.

Marilyn and her husband Trevor took a quick
trip to USA  in between Christmas and New year
and went to Boston USA.

How wonderful to be remembered , especially
when on such a short trip ... Makes me feel
very special indeed.

First postcard from Boston ,,,,the other first
was a postcard from Casablanca, sent to me 
by my good friend Diane, who went for Christmas,

Thank you so much Marilyn :-)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Another cold and snowy day ..


This morning at 9.30am , walking to my friend Sarah’s house …




New life ….




Poinsettia in Sarah’s house




On my way home from town at 16.10pm




And it was cold!!!


And getting colder!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rue du Gros Horloge – Rouen

This 420 metre long street is famously known for the astronomical clock (the “Gros Horloge”).
    CIMG0296    CIMG0300
The pride of the people , it is  laid on a Renaissance arch which has spanned the historic street since 1527. The clock lies roughly equal distances  between the Place du Vieux Marché and the cathedral.
The Gros Horloge itself dates back to the 16th century and its movement from 1389.
 CIMG0299 CIMG0301
The  next three photo are taken
under the arch that the clock is laid on ..

Cimg0303 Cimg0304 CIMG0297Cimg0295
Dedicated to Ludovico XV (Louis XV) in 1732
There is a lot to see in Rouen, a great place to visit .

Monday, 14 January 2013

Dreaming of France … Montbrun, Lot Valley.

Dreaming of France Meme
was started by Paulita of
have you any of France
you would like to share.

Dreaming of France Meme Eiffel 
I went to Montbrun in

Aug/Sept 2010
and stayed in Cadrieu, and
Montbrun is a village not far away.

So after arriving to stay with someone
I only met through blogging, I set off for a
small walk , to a village with virtually no
one in it,  If they were there,
they must of been hiding,
montbrun 3

Montbrun has a castle at the
very top of the village,
not that I was able to get near it .. but
I climbed from the roadside, right to the top
and what a walk it was. 
montbrun 2
And once right at the top
you can look right down the River Lot.
Fab views and worth the climb!


6 years old today ..

14th January 2007
Was the day I did my first blog post
How have I managed to keep this
blog going??
With a lot of help from my friends!!
Friends who are all over the world,
some I have had the huge  pleasure of meeting
and some not .. but you are always there.
Some new and some old…
So a

PicMonkey Collage

Thursday, 10 January 2013

A weekend AWAY from Paris – Rouen

I was in Paris for a week
and Leesa thought it would be
good to go and see somewhere else.
I had seen all my other friends that
week, Karin, Barbara, Dawn, Jennifer and Brigitte,
had two fabulous get-together
June 10th 2011
Leesa and I went to
Rouen for my birthday.
She found a fab little place to stay for us, and
we took the train up there.
We are going to start with
Pont Boieldieu
 PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3
The above are busts of famous explorers, these are on either side of the bridge
along the footpaths.
Rouen is on the Seine, about 100 kms north west of Paris. It is the main city of Haute Normandie (Upper Normandy) and of Seine-Maritime. The site has been around for hundreds of years, and was, for a very long time, the second city of France. It is also the  last point on the Seine that can be bridged, which made it an important city for shipping and commerce.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Camera – Test drive ……

Well the  camera is new to me!!

So used to my point and shoot little digi

that using one with a zoom lense , and other

things I am not used to is hard !!

So on my way to have a morning coffee and chat

with my friend Sarah, I took a few photos..

I wonder what the people thought…..

who is this mad woman with her camera LOL



 DSC_2149 Dsc_2136 Dsc_2138 Dsc_2139 Dsc_2144  DSC_2147Dsc_2145 Dsc_2148