Monday, 14 January 2013

Dreaming of France … Montbrun, Lot Valley.

Dreaming of France Meme
was started by Paulita of
have you any of France
you would like to share.

Dreaming of France Meme Eiffel 
I went to Montbrun in

Aug/Sept 2010
and stayed in Cadrieu, and
Montbrun is a village not far away.

So after arriving to stay with someone
I only met through blogging, I set off for a
small walk , to a village with virtually no
one in it,  If they were there,
they must of been hiding,
montbrun 3

Montbrun has a castle at the
very top of the village,
not that I was able to get near it .. but
I climbed from the roadside, right to the top
and what a walk it was. 
montbrun 2
And once right at the top
you can look right down the River Lot.
Fab views and worth the climb!



  1. That looks a really lovely spot. I only know Montbron which is not so far from us, but it does not look nearly as pretty as this place. I share all my places in France all the time so won't go into further places here:) Keep warm Diane oxox

  2. You've certainly been to some very pretty places in France, Anne. Beautiful photos and views, as always. Thank you for sharing them with us. Hope all is well and that you haven't had any snow up there!

  3. That certainly looks a wonderful spot. Such lovely photos.

  4. Ah que c'est beau la France ! wishing you lots of happy travelling in 2013 Anne !
    xx Lala

  5. I have never been to this town-although I have visited the Lot area-it is truly magical.


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