Saturday, 7 October 2017

For All Car Enthusiasts ..

Whilst in Malta I came across
a leaflet for a

I didn't really want to go to Buggiba as it is a bit too touristy and British for my liking..
BUT  I did want to see the Collection.
I took the bus from Mosta (which I was visiting for the Famous Church)

I watched a DVD about the Mille Miglia , Now I really want
to go and see this, which I hope to next year , we shall see.

 So here are just few from the collection.  They also have other
memorabilia from different eras ..Blues Brothers , Juke Boxes , Bikes etc . You can have a cup of coffee and watch the Dvd too.

I really enjoyed it . And then I caught the bus back to Mosta and after looking around there , I headed back to Valetta for Lunch and a Beer.


Monday, 2 October 2017

Marsaxlokk - Fishing Village in Malta ...(dont read if you dont like Fish Photos) :-)

My cousins took me to
which is a traditional fishing village in the South Eastern Region of Malta,
 The village’s name comes from
marsa, which means "port" and xlokk (which is pronounced "schlock")
which is the local name for south east.

The inhabitants of the village are called the Xlukkajri and are historically fishermen.

Marsaxlokk is a picturesque fishing village on the south-east side of Malta, it has an ancient history being the site of a Roman temple dedicated to the goddess Juno, but no ancient remains are visible. It is rare as a Maltese seaside village in that it has no modern buildings such as hotels spoiling it and none of the traditional housing has as of yet been destroyed to make way for prefab rental apartments.

On sundays there is a fish market where one can get the best fish available, a particular local favourite is the Lampuki(only when in season)

The Fish Market is amazing.

But it isn't only A Fish Market , it is
a market for everything.

Fruit and veg, jewellery, Maltese produce, clothes, Spices and many more delights.

My cousin , chose her Fish and her veg , asked the stallholders to keep it for her, to collect later!

Such an array of unusual Fish and Seafood.

 The sight of the traditional luzzu's (fishingboats built according to a design dating back to the Phoenicians) and the tranquil surroundings make this a very pleasant place to have lunch .

The only blemish on this near perfect picture is the powerplant that for some unfathomable reason had to be built on the side of the bay rather than out of sight in the next bay where the ultra modern cargo port is located.  What were they thinking ?  They have ruined another bay which is called Pretty Bay , it isn't Pretty anymore because of the huge Cargo Port they built there .. shame they could of used another side of the Island. Oh well  I enjoyed both places.


 I am sorry about the break in blogging , just going to
do it now and again.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Miracle of Rotunda of Mosta Malta..June/July 2017

It was 26 years since I visited Malta , I had to return to the land of my
fathers. It just felt amazing to be there. 
I had wanted to go back to this church , so I just hopped on a bus.
So easy and cheap to get around Malta and I was amazed at how
well I did. So were my cousins. I spent most of the days
going around on my own. But it was fine , they were
at the end of a phone and we had lots of time together.

The Parish Church of the Assumption is more often than not ,  known as the Rotunda of Mosta  or the Mosta Dome. It is a Roman Catholic Parish church,  built between 1833 and the 1860s to neoclassical designs of Giorgio Grognet de Vassé, on the site of an earlier Renaissance church which had been built in around 1614 to designs of Tommaso Dingli.

(read more info in link above)

The design of the present church is based on the Pantheon in Rome, and it is said to have the third largest unsupported dome in the world.

The church narrowly avoided destruction during World War II.  
On the 9th April 1942
A German aerial
bomb pierced the dome and fell into the
church during Mass but failed to explode.
This event was interpreted by the Maltese as a miracle.
I always light a candle ..
mine is the one to the left of the photo.

Beautiful Dome , work of Art..

Stunning designs. 

The photo below is of a small dome and I was determined to get
this one right , but it was hard.. as you can imagine. I was
leaning over backwards. Looks like the sky. 

Slowly but surely I will do blogging.
And share more of my trip to

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

My Quick visit to the Mdina Glass Makers, Ta’ Qali Crafts Village MALTA...

The crafts village in Ta’ Qali
is located in the former
RAF wartime air-field and is a very popular tourist attraction in Malta.
Different kinds of crafts and beautiful artefacts
are sold created by local experts.

With the sweltering heat outside , these
men do their work of
Glass Making.
The heat is beyond and
what skills these men have.
Such works of ART , truly amazing.
And you will see in the photos below
what a superb choice we have to buy
in the shop.  Very hard to decide.

Here is a link to the
Of  Mdina Glass..

Whatever colour and design you wish for ..

And these fabulous lamps..

I only had time to look around here - this is what I wanted to see.
Did pop into the Pottery place and below is where they make
the Earrings and necklaces etc , in the Maltese Filigree.
I DID have to catch my flight later this day.
Just look at this HUGE Amethyst!!!

Could of spent a lot longer at the Craft Village
but lunch and my flight were calling.
I saw so much of Malta , Amazing..