Monday, 28 September 2009

Jardin Du Luxembourg ......

is so pretty, such a wonderful place to stroll around, go for your lunch, read a book, or even a game of Boules!

I took the metro so far then walked from Place Denfert Rochereau..

The Lion of Belfort

Jardin des Grands Explorateurs

The Gardens

Le triomphe de silene

Medici Fountain

This photo was kindly lent to me by Laurent of Daily Photo in Paris

I did take one, but didn't realize it was blurred until later. I then set off to meet Leesa and Dawn at Saint-Paul Metro to walk round Le Marais and go for a coffee!!!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Head for the Heights .....

of Montparnasse tower! It is amazing.

Leesa, Barbara and I decided to earn our wings, and go to the top of the tower. I have never seen such fantastic views..Brilliant. You could spend hours up there, trying to pinpoint all the great areas.
Barbara and I went to the very top, whilst Leesa stopped for a coffee but I think she had been up there before. Great that she didn't mind coming with us, so another great day out with my friends.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Surprises .......

came from Canada, two wonderful surprises on my mat, so great when you never expect them!

I had a lovely postcard from my friend Barbara, Home in France, who was visiting Montreal and Quebec with her husband Didier. So pleased they had a great time, a well deserved break. They are back in Paris now, with posts up already! So why don't you pop over to her blog and read about their trip, she also has great photos. Thank you Barbara!!

and my other surprise, was from my friend Lucy, who's blog is On my way 2 work and other stuff.... she sent me a little package..inside was a cute little stamp!!

You press the stamp into bread, and when it is toasted it says Bonjour with an outline of the Eiffel tower! I will never forget Paris, great for my toast in the mornings with my French confiture !! Thank you so much Lucy..a great gift!!!

Lucy's blog is brilliant with fabulous photos, Sunsets, Sunrises, and lots about her area in Pickering Ontario. Why not call in and have a read of Lucy's blog , You will not be disappointed.

Hope you have fun reading both blogs. I do!! Lots of fab photos too!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Thank you to my friends.....

for your comments..on my last post! Oh it has been a hard week. Not only for me but also for Olivia. She is teething and getting used to having me around ..Ha hard looking after a baby, when you are not used to it, hard when you cannot get your sleep and have to cope the next day. Poor love, not her fault at all, I just needed lots of "pazienza". Back home on Wednesday, get my hair done, and have a good sleep, and hopefully I will feel back to normal!!

Friday, 18 September 2009

If by Chance......

anyone is wondering where I am, I thought I would write a small note to you all...! I am down at my eldest son's house, grand-daughter minding...Olivia is 9 months old...and I have neither time nor the inclination to blog!! I also only have my small Ideapad, which makes blogging quite hard, but I am reading what I can!

So hopefully more Paris photos next week...that is after I have been to the hairdressers, had some much need catch up sleep..and some adult company!!!!

Today I get to see my hubby...not seen him for over two weeks, he is coming down today for a few hours, and he flies to Singapore tomorrow, from there to Japan, then Brazil then home..see him October 21st, I think!!

He was going to come down last night, I said "love as much as I would love to see you, there is no point us both having a disturbed night sleep" !! Him and children or should I say babies just do not mix..actually it is worse than me and babies....

So I wish you all a very Happy Weekend, lets hope the sun shines on us all :-)

Friday, 11 September 2009

Exploring paris - The walk to Rue du rivioli

took me past many great places...Assemblee Nationale, The Place de la Concorde Obélisque de Luxor, and Jardin Tuileries. Walking is the best way to explore Paris, you can be gone for hours.

This particular day, I wanted to go to Rue Du Rivoli to WH Smiths to see my friend Kim, who I knew was at work there.

Do you know what was great? This time, I knew where it was!!!
It was a lovely summers day, the crowds were out and I was in no hurry!!

And finally to WH Smiths where I saw Kim and a display I wanted to see in the shop window..this display was for a book written by a blogger Pia Jane Bijerk , the book is Paris: Made by Hand!

I had a fabulous time, the walk was excellent. I did continue walking after I stopped for refreshments, so more photos to follow!!

Sorry, the photo I named Concorde is actually The Obélisque de Luxor in the Place de la Concorde.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Exploring Paris.....Les Invalides

I had an amazing walk, finding my way around my new neighbour hood, new to me for two weeks, and such delights I found. You just never know what is just round the corner!!

I was near Les Invalides, which I had never seen, or really thought about, and it is stunning. A very beautiful building. The architecture is out standing.

In 1670, Louis the 14th, decided to build Les Invalides, a Paris military hospital, to take care of wounded soldiers. With their large church topped by a golden dome and 13 hectares building, Les Invalides are a masterpiece of French classical architecture.

Also at Les Invalides is the Musee de l'Armee, a museum which was originally built as a hospital, it now houses the Tomb of Napoleon and the museum of the Army of France. The museum's collections cover the time period from antiquity until the 20th century.

Eglise Saint-Louis des Invalides

Monday, 7 September 2009

The Saxe-Breteuil Market .....

is fabulous. This well known market is open from 7am to 2:30 pm every Thursday and Saturday morning.. Among the many markets in Paris, this has the reputation of being one of the best and certainly the most beautiful.

It was so big, and the variety of the stalls kept me enthralled for over an hour or so. How many times have you been to a market with 3 or 4 fish stalls, or stalls that sell only Mushrooms or Tomatoes, the Fruit et Legumes stalls were packed with such variety. So much more too!! You will have to go and visit for yourself!

Can you imagine being so HAPPY over a market!!!

Tomatoes Galore!!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Paris, Blogging and New Friends.......

On the 30th August, I got a new reader to my blog named Jennifer and she left a comment and it said...

"Hi Anne, it sounds like you're having a great time! Exactly how long will you be in Paris? I live here and was wondering if you'd like to meet in a café for a coffee or something, if there's wishes, Jennifer....."

I was amazed, so I emailed Jennifer and we arranged to meet up, on the Monday 31st at 4.30 on the corner of my street....I did ask her what she looked like, we wouldn't of known each other at all.

On that day I also went out with Barbara, to Bercy Village, and Bercy Park, which I have yet to post about and put my pictures up. We both had a wonderful time, browsing around the great shops, chatting and having fun. It was also one of the hottest days of my visit! I arrived home at 16.10, only 20 minutes to sort myself out!

So off I went to the little restaurant on the corner, and waited, I saw a lady walking towards me on the other side of the road, and I thought, she has long red hair wonder if that is Jennifer..Yes it was...and we just started chatting.. I said where would you like to go for coffee, she said, maybe we should have a wine !! :-)

We went to my favourite street...Rue Cler and got seats in the open at one of the great cafes/restaurants, we went to Tribeca..and had a Kir or two and dinner. We had a wonderful few hours, and I have also put Jennifer in touch with Leesa, I am sure they will meet up too!!

Thank you Jennifer , I had a fun evening, and lots of good chat! She has blog too....Called My Year in Paris!!!

Friday, 4 September 2009

I got tagged by Leslie from The Pedalogue..... do this simple photo meme. Here are the instructions:

1. Open the fourth file where you store your photos.
2. Pick the 4th photo.
3 . Explain the photo.
4. Pass challenge onto 4 other bloggers.

This photo was taken by me, in 2004 at Magny Cours for the French Grand Prix. This was my first European race, and what great fun it was!

First of all, Whilst waiting for the coach to take me down to London to meet up with the rest of the tour, I met a girl called Louise, who strangely enough, was going to the race too!! We travelled together, and have been friends ever since, and have been to 3 other Grand Prixs together. The British, Magny Cours (2) and Belgium.

This was the race where I surprised my husband!! ha ha ...he didn't know I was going, so after being there a WHOLE day, I found my way to an empty grandstand, opposite Williams F1 garage, phoned him on his mobile and said "come out of the garage" and I was opposite waving too him!! What a shock for him...!!! I waited all day to do that :-)

Now the tricky bit... Who to tag???

Sally in Norfolk
Leesa from News from France
From My Swiss Window
Lucy from On my way 2 work and other stuff

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Time to say Au revoir to my friends ....

and return home. I must go and see my husband :-). My husband has been travelling for work and only returned home yesterday. I am sure he will survive without me for another day! I might even hear from my two boys!!!

Anyone would think that I have been here for a months and months, and I have to pack up house and move back! No I have been here 14 days tomorrow, it feels so much longer.

I have had a fantastic time with all my wonderful friends.... Leesa,, Dawn Barbara, Kim B, Andrea, who met up with me during my time here.

Leesa is amazing as always, organizing super things like the picnic on the seine, where I met another group of people. I met Dawns husband Tom and his friend from work, Valerie, Florence, Jasmin and Patricia. We had a wonderful evening.

I have also met Leesa's husband Alex, who came to a farewell coffee at Aimees tea shop..where Leesa Dawn and I, discovered I was not going home on Tuesday at all, but the Wednesday..well I thought Tuesday and they thought Wednesday, turned out they were right!! :-) I had to send a text to my husband, ooops!

Barbara and her husband met up with me for dinner. Dawn has been there for our lunches, and coffee dates. Andrea and I went to Parc Monceau,Kim came to the picnic nearly everyday, one/two/three of my friends has been with me, a .....


We have had lunch and coffee dates, walks and walks, trips to other parts of Paris, that some of them haven't been to. I have been out and about on my own, walking around the Marais Area, Saint Germain des Pres, the 7th Arrondissment , which is where my apartment is. Leesa, Barbara and I went up Montparnasse Tower, which was well worth it, oh my word that is high!

We did so much, but still alot more to see. When I return, I am going to try and go on some walking tours, that Dawn has recommended!

Most importantly I have to give a big thank you to Elizabeth and Neil, for the fantastic opportunity to stay in their home.. with their cats! ... all has been well except one night when the cats decided to wake up at 2.30am and have a party :-)