Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Surprises .......

came from Canada, two wonderful surprises on my mat, so great when you never expect them!

I had a lovely postcard from my friend Barbara, Home in France, who was visiting Montreal and Quebec with her husband Didier. So pleased they had a great time, a well deserved break. They are back in Paris now, with posts up already! So why don't you pop over to her blog and read about their trip, she also has great photos. Thank you Barbara!!

and my other surprise, was from my friend Lucy, who's blog is On my way 2 work and other stuff.... she sent me a little package..inside was a cute little stamp!!

You press the stamp into bread, and when it is toasted it says Bonjour with an outline of the Eiffel tower! I will never forget Paris, great for my toast in the mornings with my French confiture !! Thank you so much Lucy..a great gift!!!

Lucy's blog is brilliant with fabulous photos, Sunsets, Sunrises, and lots about her area in Pickering Ontario. Why not call in and have a read of Lucy's blog , You will not be disappointed.

Hope you have fun reading both blogs. I do!! Lots of fab photos too!!


  1. Well thank you very much for the shout out!!! I'm so glad you liked it. I immediately thought of you when I saw it and could not "not" send it to you!!!BONJOUR ANNE!

  2. Bonjour Anne,

    You are very Welcome ! I learned later that it came at a right time, when a lift was badly needed-and voila !

    That is such a cool idea; a bread stamper. That's the first time I've seen one, and it's an Eiffel tower !!

    You know what I'm going through; I'm up to my eyeballs in travel photos. So, I'm downloading my samples bit by bit.

    Hugs xxoo

  3. Did you get my e-mail address from Welshcakes Anne ?


  4. Hi Anne.....

    Awww... How cool!! I got to see Barbara today! It was a nice visit... Alex told me you called while I was still at work. : )
    Talk to you soon... Take care, Leese

  5. It might sound trite but surprises always delight.

  6. Nice to have blogger friends and nice to make some "commercials" about their blogs! (A very original "stamp"!)

  7. Love the toast stamper and it's slways nice to get postcards.

  8. I only get bills in my post. Lucky you!

  9. What a fantastic gift, havent seen it before and I'd love to Stamp Paris in my bread too :P


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